How...Heroic? [Erik+Jin]

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How...Heroic? [Erik+Jin] Empty How...Heroic? [Erik+Jin]

Post  Jin Wang on Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:28 am

Jin was taking a shortcut home through Midgard Park, when he was suddenly overcome with a mild sneezing fit. Already knowing what would cause him to sneeze so randomly, he looked over to the largest body of water in the area, a small duck pond in the centre of the park. He spotted soda can rings floating lazily near a short mud bank and, knowing that just one piece of litter could possible start a chain reaction of crap being thrown in the water, the young dragon decided it was his duty to clean it up.

In hindsight, setting his pearl down probably wasn’t the smartest decision Jin had ever made, but there was no way he’d be able to reach the rings and keep his balance with just one hand. He placed the orb next to a tree to make sure it wouldn’t roll away and headed back to the small pond – after a few tries, Jin managed to reach the ugly piece of litter and tossed it into a nearby waste bin.

He felt so accomplished.

Jin turned to retrieve his pearl only to find that a trio of...things were surrounding the tree where he’d left it. He recognised one of them to be a Cyclops (the lack of a second eye was a dead giveaway), the silver haired girl was probably veela...and the ugly ringleader guy must’ve been a...ooh, what were they called? Trones? His curiosity turned to horror when he saw one of them actually stoop down to pick up the pearl.

Shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot, crap.

“Troll,” Jin frowned, taking a few hesitant steps forward and attempting his best ‘serious face’. “You know you aren’t s’pposed to take things that don’t belong to you...especially if they belong to someone who can crush you with a single step.”

Of course, he couldn’t change to his other form without that pearl, but Yao managed to make other creatures tremble with a simple glance so he should be able to as well, right?
Down,” the troll smirked, holding up his pearl triumphantly.

Jin let out a surprised gasp as an unseen force pushed him onto the muddied ground – he managed to stop himself from falling on his face, but the entire situation was making him burn in anger and humiliation. Whomever held a dragon’s pearl had the option of controlling them...of course most people were smart enough not to get on a dragon’s bad side. He could feel his eyes start to sting as he heard the trio start to laugh, but tried his best to will the tears away – if it started to rain, Yao would get into trouble for giving the wrong forecast.

“Come on, let’s see what else we can make it do!” the troll laughed, offering the stolen pearl to his other two companions. Jin could only hope whatever was coming didn’t involve eating anything too disgusting.
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How...Heroic? [Erik+Jin] Empty Re: How...Heroic? [Erik+Jin]

Post  Erik Magnusson on Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:28 am

Erik was a mighty hunter, venturing through the forbidden woods to vanquish his mighty foe, the great wolf Fenrir, who had escaped from his bonds! No one else could take care of this foul beast, so the gods had asked him, Erik, to do the job! Erik was only happy to do their bidding, and now, he stalked his prey, ready to strike at the evil creature with his sword. There, just beyond the other side of the bushes!

Erik peaked out from behind the bushes to look at the place he had chosen to fight his imaginary wolf. There, off in the distance, he saw some kids playing with a ball... no, that wasn't a ball. The way they were holding it proved that it was clearly too heavy for a ball. What was that? The way it glinted... some kind of precious stone? Erik decided to creep closer to get a better picture of what was going on.

He crawled through the bushes until he came into hearing range of the other children. Now that he was closer, he could see that they were passing the pearl amongst themselves... but avoiding the boy on the ground. Wait, that boy looked familiar. Wasn't that the boy who had found him? What was his name?

"Hey, Jin! Aren't you going to try to get your pearl back? No, you can't! Down!" one of them said, and sure enough, Jin just stayed there on the ground, looking like he was going to cry. Yes, that was his name! Jin! That was definitely the boy who had saved him!

Erik's blood began to boil as he watched the bullies, and he decided that enough was enough! He crawled out of the bushes and marched around in front of Jin, holding his toy wooden sword. "Hey!" he shouted. "Nobody messes with Jin and gets away with it!"

And with that, he ran full force at the other children and hit them with his toy sword, almost as if he were a viking in berserker mode. In fact, he very nearly was.
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