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:Erik Magnusson:

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Age (Physical):8
Age (Actual):184
Country of Origin:Iceland (but came from Alfheimr of Norse mythology)


[+]Cunning, clever, and resourceful. Although his life in Alfheimr hasn't given him the same sort of education as a kid in school, he's rather clever nonetheless.
[+]Extraordinarily beautiful.
[+]Has Freyr for a patron god
[+]Remains hopeful despite having just gone through the worst events of his life.
[+]A steady friend to anyone who seeks his friendship


[-]Dishonest and manipulative
[-]A pickpocket (though to be fair, he has his reasons)
[-]Can be a bit callous toward other people's feelings
[-]Doesn't tend to open up very easily (this is both a good and bad thing)
[-]Despite remaining hopeful, he was still quite traumatized


[x]Dwarves (since they destroyed his home)
[x]Snakes and wolves (since they're both evil creatures in Norse mythology)
[x]New technology (since they don't really have a lot of this new technology in Alfheimr, it kinda freaks him out)


[?]Because he's a light elf, he actually glows. Therefore, if you put him in a dark room, he inadvertently becomes a very good nightlight.
[?]His magical skills are best channeled through runes. Although he does have raw power, it mostly has to be channeled through a medium to be effective, because otherwise, it's just hanging out there in space. Sometimes, Freyr will channel his powers for him.
[?]Absolutely loves to play tricks on people! Because he's an elf, he's almost drawn to it. It's almost as if he can't leave a place untouched by a prank!

Appearance: First, Erik, like all elves, has pointy ears. Not ridiculously long pointy ears, just pointy ears (think the Lord of the Rings movie. Erik also has bright white hair and bright white skin. Literally, bright, since he glows. He can get as bright as the sun, but tends to just keep himself at a light glow. Because he has come with pretty much nothing but the clothes on his back, he is rather poor. He wears a shirt, a tunic over it, hose (but the hose is all hole-y), a jacket, a scarf, and boots. All of these are in a rather bland brown. Erik is an extraordinarily pretty boy, and like all elves, will grow up to be extraordinarily pretty.


Species: Not much is known about the Ljósálfar (Light elves). They were only attested by the Icelandic mythographer Snorri Sturluson, which has made people wonder if Light elves weren't simply angels. Nonetheless, light elves are (literally) bright elves who live in Alfheimr with the god Freyr. They tend to be tall and lithe (despite the fact that moderns tend to think of elves as short and dumpy), and are magnificent dancers. It's rare to see an elf, though, because although they're bright, they're very good at hiding and playing tricks on people. Their main source of magic is runes, and they tend to be more powerful magicians than humans and more easily attain the favor of the gods, especially Freyr. They can move as silently as light, and as swiftly as wind. (Yeah, since really, not a lot is known, I made up some stuff. :'D )
Place of Residence: Erik's family lived on a village on the side of a mountain, though now that he's in Mythos, he needs a home. He will live with Arthur and Rosy while waiting for his family to find him (if they find him).
Occupation: Professional kid :B
Stance on Humans: He's never met one and has no idea what one is.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: He's just arrived. He's not even a resident yet.


Erik is a quiet kid... who uses this to his advantage. He's also somewhat dishonest and manipulative, so he uses these three traits to help him be a thief and a prankster. When the victim realizes that they've been had, oftentimes they have a difficult time punishing Erik when they look into his eyes and think about just how cute and sweet-looking he is. Perhaps Erik could be, rather nicely, thought of as a “free spirit.”

That said, Erik has just experienced the most traumatic events of his life. Although he has tried to keep his spirits up, he's also only a child, and has nightmares and crying spells (in private, never out in the open) when he thinks about everything that happened to him and his family. Because he has just lost his family, he has a difficult time getting too clingy to whomever he's living with at the time. That said, this does not prevent him from forming friendships, as he is a fast and loyal friend.


Most of Erik's life has actually been rather peaceful. Since the light elves lived with Freyr, they assumed a peaceful existence, far from the cares of the other 8 worlds. Erik grew up with his older brothers, and was spoiled rotten by them. Their family was a loving, happy one.

However, one night, Erik's village was attacked in the middle of the night by dwarves from Svartalfaheimr, who had begun to push beyond the boundaries of their own lands and needed more room. The attack was gruesome and bloody, and it was to Erik's benefit that he was unconscious for most of it. By the end of the attack, Erik was separated from his family, of whom he had no idea if they were even alive, and was made a prisoner of war by the dwarves. They forced him to march for a long time and far away, so much so that his feet became bloody. They told him that if he didn't march, he would be killed, and sure enough, he could see the occasional elf fall and become trampled by the vast army. The sight was enough to keep Erik walking, even if he was tired, hurt, hungry, and thirsty.

The hours, the days all seemed to run together for Erik, and he had no idea how much time had passed. One evening, he spied a boar that glinted in the sunlight... Freyr? Or rather, Freyr's golden boar, Gullinbursti? Was Freyr trying to tell him something? When the army somehow miraculously decided to camp that night, Erik found a twig that was just the right size to be able to pick the lock of his chains. However, he didn't run away immediately, but waited until the dwarves were asleep. And yet, he still didn't run away immediately. He found a place just outside of the camp and hid behind a bush, taking his chains with him. In a very counter-intuitive action, he began to clang the chains and stomp his feet (as loud as he possibly could, since he had quiet footsteps). Suddenly, just as he figured would happen (thank you, Freyr-boar), the sounds of the chains and stomping were amplified, and the dwarves jumped up and began to attack each other, thinking that they were under attack. With that, Erik was finally confident enough to escape, and he hoped that some of the other elves took advantage of the chaos to do the same.

However, he wasn't out of the woods yet... literally. Because his feet were so injured, he had to crawl on his hands and knees, and he was losing energy quickly from lack of food and water. He went on like this for awhile, and was about to give up hope, when once again, he saw the boar, this time noting that it was golden. Yes, definitely Gullinbursti. Erik followed the boar, which seemed to give him some energy, but after awhile the boar disappeared, and Erik collapsed, unable to move anymore.

He collapsed just outside of Mythos, waiting to be found and taken in.

RP Sample:

(this takes place later, once he begins to live in Mythos)

Erik crept around the apothecary's shop, staring at all the strange ingredients stored in strange bottles. A pair of eyes stared at him from a clear vial, and Erik made silly faces at them, wondering if they could, in fact, see him. However, he grew bored with this quickly and moved on to staring at other ingredients. Some were plants, some were animal parts (including some rather pointy-looking teeth), some were strange liquids. Well, it all seemed easy enough... maybe Erik could be a world class apothecary, too?

He grabbed a few colorful looking ingredients and carried them to a little corner of the room where he could work in private. Let's see... add some blue to this red looking stuff to get purple. No, no, it just looked sorta brown. Okay, so add these... weird tail looking things and... oh hey, it's bubbling! That had to mean that he did something correctly! What next, what next? Hm, maybe some of this sludgey pink stuff would work well?

What happened next, frankly, shocked Erik. As soon as the sludgey pink stuff touched his concoction, the entire thing exploded. Erik shielded his face from the onslaught of glass and hot liquid, and after the explosion finished, he stared at the mess around him. Glass stuck to the walls and on the floor all around him, and the liquid, which had somehow turned bright green, now stained the corner. Erik wrinkled his nose. Great, how was he going to explain this to Arthur?

More importantly, how was he going to get out of there?


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