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[WIP] Lovino Vargas ~ South Italy Empty [WIP] Lovino Vargas ~ South Italy

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:Lovino Vargas:

[WIP] Lovino Vargas ~ South Italy Logheta20-8


Age (Physical): 21
Age (Actual): 109
Country of Origin: Italy (Southern)


[+] Surprisingly fast and agile especially while running away; he uses this skill both while hunting and when in search for some extra cash.
[+] Dedicated and hardworking, despite his constant complaining
[+] Is an excellent chef, although he is unable to actually consume any of his culinary creations
[+] Very protective of those he cares about
[+] Extremely charming (when he wants to be)


[-] The typical anti-vampire arsenal; crosses, stakes, holy water, sunlight, etc. Garlic makes him feel queasy.
[-] Has a short temper and is very easily frustrated, which can indirectly cause him to seem a bit clumsy.
[-] He often forgets that he needs to be invited into a building, and has walked into that infamous invisible barrier more times than he’d like to admit.
[-] Low self confidence; he always finds himself comparing his abilities to other people, and ultimately, placing himself on a lower tier.
[-] Never admits that he’s having problems with anything until the absolute last minute.


[x] Everything
[x] Werewolves
[x] Losing his humanity and becoming one of those bloodthirsty maniac vampires who takes their blood indiscriminately.
[x] Dying, because he knows exactly where he’s going to end up, no matter how hard he tries to change that fact.


[?] Despite being physically unable to touch anything of religious significance, Lovino still owns and collects a variety of crosses and rosaries (they're called 'gloves', look them up). ‘Condition’ aside, he still considers himself a perfectly capable Roman Catholic.
[?] Lovino can count the number of conversations he’s held without swearing on one hand. Regardless, he’s a very adept flirt, especially when it comes to shapely women. The dudes can all go to hell as far as he’s concerned.
[?] He will go through ridiculous lengths to make sure his tomato plants grow big and strong, even if it means having to don a HAZMAT suit and braving the afternoon sun.
[?] Something very strange overcomes him whenever anyone touches the odd curl on his head. He doesn’t like talking about it, so save yourself some time and just don’t ask.


Species: Vampire – Infamously attractive creatures of the night that feed off the blood of the living. A vampire is ‘born’ when a human ingests the blood of another vampire – this usually happens after said human is nearly drained of blood. Rumour has it that all vampires can be traced back to the same ‘father’.

Vampires require fresh blood at regular intervals in order to stay healthy; without it, they will grow cranky, weak, and eventually, immobile. While they can survive on the blood of animals (deer, rabbits, etc.), most prefer the taste of human blood. Silent and agile, vampires stalk their prey in the late and very early hours of the day – some are even known to charm their victims in order to get close enough for a bite.

Vampires need to be formally invited into a residence before they can enter, but can come and go as they please once they receive the invitation. While sunlight does not cause instant death, it results in an unsightly burn that takes several days to completely heal. They can be warded off by using any number of religious symbols (crosses, the Star of David, etc.) and despise the smell of garlic. While they have the ability to heal instantly, wounds made by silver will take much longer to mend. The only way to completely kill a vampire is to drive a wooden stake into its heart.

Place of Residence: Lovino lives alone in a modest apartment – the windows are fitted with special blinds that completely block out any sunlight. His living room is littered with a number of books on gardening, and while his home is noticeably dusty in a few areas, it somehow manages to evoke a sort of charming messiness. There’s a small patio where Lovino keeps a number of tomato plants - he even has a few of those weird hanging ones you can only buy off infomercials.
Occupation: He works the night shift at Arthur’s apothecary, and afternoons as needed. Lovino also runs a side business that’s a little less than legal...
Stance on Humans: While claims to consider them as nothing more than food, deep down, he is actually quite envious of them. His years as a human are still quite fresh, and he would give anything to live a normal life again. He doesn't have any qualms about drinking their blood, but tries his hardest not kill his victims unless absolutely necessary.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: 74 years


Personality: (At least one paragraph)

History: (At least one paragraph)

RP Sample:

(This is from a private RP; please excuse the use of Feli's name ^^;)

Lovino left the classroom in a very foul mood.

The Italian looked towards the undulating sea of faces, noting that each student looked more haggard than the next. Backpacks, messenger bags, disgustingly tacky (though admittedly useful) rolling suitcases…it didn’t matter what they chose to carry their overpriced textbooks in, they all ended up in the same half standing, half awake, completely exhausted position. Lovino was well on his way to such a state…and people tended to lose their teeth when he reached that point.

It all started three nights ago, when he had received an infuriatingly cheerful phone call from his younger brother. Just when he was starting to make a name for himself at the university, Feliciano had to muck it all up by being accepted as well.

He knew exactly what was coming.

Feliciano would beg to be introduced to anyone and everyone Lovino had ever spoken to and all his new friends would eventually ditch him once they realised how much of a loser he was in comparison to his perfect little brother. The rest of his university career would be spent arguing with the salt and pepper shakers in the cafeteria while wishing a bucket of nails would strike his airheaded sibling on the head.

...Not hard enough to kill him. Just enough to hurt, and maybe leave a nice, lumpy reminder.


Boogie on over to Hong Kong’s application for this info…~<3
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