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Post  Gilbert Beilschmidt on Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:54 pm

[center]: Feliciana Vargas :

Feliciana Vargas -- Female N. Italy Tumblr_lsibawdpgJ41r13bd0o1_500


Age (Physical): early to mid twenties
Age (Actual): 343 years old
Country of Origin: Italy


[+] Obsessive behavior
[+] Good looks
[+] Knowledge – something that she's accumulated a lot of over the years, and can and will apply it whenever she can.
[+] Great Dancer
[+] Good Artist


[-] Survivalist mindset
[-] Lack of proper sense of responsibilities.
[-] Repeating Bible scriptures
[-] Niavity
[-] Water


[x] Disney movies. Just. Disney movies.
[x] Deep water – especially when she can't see the bottom. Ponds and small lakes, those are fine, but anything bigger then that, and she'll start to panic.
[x] Dying alone and miserable.


[?] Eats gelato when depressed or sad – buckets, literal buckets full.
[?] Loves children.... they taste like chicken. Especially when in meatball form.
[?] Owns a Mortica-ike dress, and wears it all the time.






A witch is a woman, who, although born human, dabbled in magic, and ended up betraying her own race for the sake of power. Pride and indulgence are their weaknesses, and they're often drawn to magic's addictive, dark allure by revenge or for power simply for the sake of power. However, one isn't truly a witch until they've formed a contract, however big or little, with a demon or some other other-worldly force, and written their names in The Black Man's book. They often have familiars (Feliciana's being a black kitten named Juno) which stick with their witches for life, and only die or age when they do. They're very attactched to their masters, and often spy for them – they're intelligent animals, and can often talk. However, a spellbook is a witch's best friend – made from a priest's skin, with the eye of their loved one (in this case, Feliciana's father) keeping watch, the book is constantly being added on to and have every spell a witch could need.

Place of Residence:

Owns a small house over looking a small pond at the edge of town – it looks normal, save for the color (a bright pink) and the herbs and bright, exotic plants hanging around.


Is a doctor and founder of the Bloody Mary Hospital, and even crestend it such in honor of her mother, who died from tuberculouis, and whose name, obviously, was Mary. Often dabbles in the morgue and children's wards.

Stance on Humans:

Dislikes most humans, simply because she's never really intereacted with them.

How long have they been a resident of Mythos?:

183 years



Feliciana is, at once, a lover and a fighter, sometimes all in the same night. She's impulsive and has a very gong hoo way of dealing with things. She often puts herself before others when he comes down to sruvival, and she's very much willing to plow through any and all competion. However, this doesn't mean she's completely cruel or backstabbing – Feliciana will do her best to support her friends and loved ones, and although it doesn't seem like it, she's extremely dedicated.

Speaking of dedication, Feliciana has this, and disapline, in spades – no task is left undone. And athough she's known for sherking 'responsibilities', Feliciana has an uncanny knack of picking and choosing what she applies her skills to and . . . What she doesn't. She can be a bit lazy, but don't let that fool you – she's as skilled as anyone in her choosen fields, and will show you how it's done if you think little of her. However, despite her sometimes lack luster ability to focus on tasks and sherk things off, she's well read in most areas of study and can be seen as a human encylopedia of knowledge.

Yes, there's a happy, more compassionate side to Feliciana – she's a realist, but she chooses to see the glass half full most days. People are bad, people are good, and some are just . . . people, and there's all that's to it. Feliciana sings and dances her way through life, and if there just so happens to be a wonderful plate of pizza and wine for her in it, well that's just fine! Power is also a great factor for her – she simply loves the control it gives her. Yet there's also the envy and powerlessness that she feels; deep down, she knows she's just a bug on the window shield of the universe, as is the rest of her friends and family. And that makes her feel horrible inside. So Feliciana chooses to fight back as best she can, resisting others with all her might and choosing to take roads less traveled by in order to protect herself.


Born in a little, sleepy village in Northern Italy, Feliciana's family lived as outcasts on the fringes of the town. Her mother, who came from a family of witches, married an older hunter, who spent most of his time away from home, and left his wife to do house work and . . .other womanly things. The man was kind, however, and is partially responsible for Feliciana's big heart and compassion for others, but he was also oblivious to the female's activities, and spent the remainder of his short life in ignorence.

However, Feliciana's mother was a different sort of woman – controlling and ambitious, she traded and bought spellbooks that held powers she only began to understand. And she taught Feliciana some of the more complex spells that she could read and comprehend – and it was all so much more then the flimsy household spells she had used before. Their garden grew, even during the dead of winter, and their family mysterously came into more wealth then ever. And granted, this drew in suspicion, especially after a spell that Feliciana had tried on her own had accidently killed a girl and a whole chunk of the local cattle population.

It was then that tuberculous started to spread, however, and so before anyone could make claims against Feliciana and her family, half the town was struck with it. This included Feliciana's father, who went quickly, and her mother, who suffered for a good while before she went. It was this time that Feliciana delved even deeper into spells, all alone in the world now, and studied. And studied. She spent years like this, almost a decade cooped up in her house studying every book, magical or not, gathering knowledge. Soon after her 24th birthday, Feliciana took the final step into the darkness – depressed and alone, she made a deal with a Devil, giving bits of her soul for long life and power, and oh, she may or may not have to give up her first born. Those details would be decided later.

Soon after this, however, Feliciana's magic soon drew too much attention, and forced her to flee. It was then that she bounced coven to coven, still bitter over her family and still too shy and niave to really understand the world. However, soon she came to Mythos, and soon founded the Bloody Mary Hospital.

RP Sample:

Feliciana loved her kitties, her chores, and her mama from a young, young age. Granted, most little girls did, but Feliciana seemed to have a fixation for the three – they made her heart warm and made all the hurt go away. And there was a lot of hurt. Her father, who was the sole bread winner of the family, as was commonplace back In that day an age, had died of the plauge recently – and her mother was heading in that direction as well . . . Sick, pale, coughing and sweaty with those horribe, stinking boils.

It wasn't fair. It wasn't RIGHT. Why did she have to be all alone, huh? Where did God get off taking her parents away?

She was only sixteen then – a woman, by that time's standards, but she still felt like a child. A lonely, lonely child, with nothing to do in her lonely little house on a hill but keep her mother comfortable and read her father's books. And she supposed that's where it all started – those books. With their pentagrams and their symbols and what not – it was a language her mother only knew from when she was a girl and had taught Feliciana basic magic. But it wasn't basic magic that was in these books, and it wasn't basic magic that could save her.

But the thought of gaining more power latched onto her like a leech – and it grew and grew. It was just so tempting, and finally, as her mother died in her bed and wrapped in a blanket to be thrown in some mass grave in the hillside, Feliciana's will snapped. She drew that circle, took that oath, and wrote in the Black Man's book so she wouldn't ever have to face that sort of end.

That sort of misery.

And that's how it all began.


Take a peek at Pru's application for this info! Also, this app is so derp, but i've typed it out twice and i'm just GUUUUHG with it.boogie

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Wonderful app, but it's missing something! Check over the rules one more time.
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