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:Yao Wang:

Yao Wang-China Chdr


Age (Physical): 20
Age (Actual): 500 (1 dragon year=25 human years), though at some point they stop aging
Country of Origin: China


[+]Is incredibly cunning and intelligent, as well as powerful
[+]Is very educated in matters of traditional culture
[+]Quite protective and loyal (When he wants to be)
[+]Loving and kind to certain people (read: Jin)
[+]He's extraordinarily beautiful


[-]Has a nasty, nasty temper
[-]Tends to scare most save for Jin, and even then...
[-]Overprotective and tends to spoil Jin
[-]Cynical and scathing at times
[-]If it doesn't concern or benefit him, he's probably not going to be interested


[x]Tigers – Tigers lie directly opposite of dragons on the Chinese zodiac and can cause dragons to feel both emotionally and physically unbalanced
[x]Losing anyone else close to him (which is why he only keeps Jin close to him)
[x]The possibility that someone might skinny dip in his lake and thus scar the fish for life, or worse, Jin. (ok, but in all sincerity, he's afraid of pollution)


[?]Like Jin, also carries around with him a pearl, though unlike Jin, tends to keep it zipped up in a pouch in one of his sleeves.  This way, he has use of both hands while still always keeping the pearl on him.
[?]Despite the fact that he prides himself on being civilized and traditional, he has a strange affinity for tv dramas, Hello Kitty knockoffs, and pandas.  He doesn't want anyone knowing about the former, though for whatever reason, doesn't really care about the other two.
[?]Spoils Jin ROTTEN.  Since Jin is the only person on whom he lavishes his love, Jin gets all the love and attention.  For example, he's obsessed with sewing clothes for Jin.  Also, if something bad happens to Jin at school, the principal WILL be hearing about it.

Appearance: The blue markings above his eyebrows are small gemstones, common in all Eastern dragons - they tend to grow larger and brighter with age. Under his huge sleeves are clawed hands; his arms have small rubies and gold shards lightly dusted across them, which are actually remnants of his eggshell.  He has considerably more facial markings than Jin due to his older age, and his fangs are fully formed fangs.

In his dragon form, he is the size of a small mountain, which means that he doesn't often get the chance to change into his dragon form.  His long, serpentine body is covered in green and gold scales, and while his golden eyes remain the same color, the pupils are reduced to slits. He carries his pearl underneath his chin, and has a roar that sounds similar to a bell. In this form, he is also very hard of hearing - only the roar of his younger brother seems to get his attention.


Species: Eastern Dragon ([龙]): A symbol of power and prosperity, these dragons are able to produce rain and are heavily associated with wind and water, often taking their residence near rivers and lakes. Instead of breathing fire, like their European cousins, Eastern dragons breathe mist and clouds. They carry around large pearls that hold the power to grant wishes and create lightning - they also have an affinity for shiny objects and precious gems, specifically gold and jade. While usually benevolent, angering a dragon may cause massive flooding and maelstroms, so it's wise to keep on these creatures' good sides.

Dragons can also shape shift, and when in human form, are said to be the more beautiful than any mortal.
Place of Residence: Yao and Jin live in a mansion just outside of town.  Yao built this mansion himself when he was younger, and in keeping with his personality, built it in a traditional Chinese style.  Next to the mansion is a lake full of fish, especially koi, of which Yao is highly protective.  
Occupation: The weatherman on the news
Stance on Humans: They must taste wonderful with soy sauce.  Beyond that, he thinks that they're horrible and corrupt, especially with the way they treat their water.  How can anything redeemable treat their life source with such blatant disregard?
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: For most of his life, though he spent the first 100 years or so in the human world.


Personality: Although dragons tend to be benevolent creatures, Yao is not quite like this.  He got a chip on his shoulder from his parents' departure and because of the way he was treated by the citizens of Mythos, and because of this lashes out at most people save for Jin, whom he coddles.  That said, Yao is more bark than bite, and will only act upon his angry threats if someone does something serious, like hurts Jin.

Yao also tends to be concerned with only himself and Jin.  If the matter concerns neither of them, then Yao will not care.  Despite this, he's hardworking and when he has his mind set on accomplishing something, it will get done, as evidenced by the house he built.  Yao also puts strong emphasis on tradition, so he has made sure to surround himself with traditional things.  His house is traditional, (most of) his hobbies are traditional, his clothes are traditional, etc.  Tradition gives him a sense of safety and comfort, since he doesn't have anyone or anything else to give him that sense, anymore.


Yao spent the first 100 years of his life (about the equivalent of 4 dragon years) in the human world.  While there, he didn't understand much of what was going on, but he knew one thing; he was sick often.  His parents, very old dragons indeed, lived in an area which humans had polluted greatly, and as a result, their (mostly) defenseless baby was a sickly little thing.  No matter how much the dragons tried to relate their concerns to the humans, they didn't get a clue; they were too out of touch with nature.  Not wanting to simply kill all the humans, Yao's parents decided to move to Mythos so that their young son could grow up healthy and strong.

Once they moved to Mythos, Yao's health predictably began to improve.  Of course, he wasn't better overnight, but after some time, Yao was an active, playful hatchling like the other dragons his age.  For the most part, his childhood at Mythos was fairly normal for a young dragon.  His health was especially important, because his parents knew that they couldn't stay around forever.  At 10,000 years old, they were set to become gods, and they were rapidly nearing that age.  They needed Yao to be able to take care of himself.  Matters became even more complicated when Jin was born.

When Jin was 75 (3 dragon years) and Yao was 400 (16 dragon years), their parents were deified.  Yao became exceedingly angry and depressed, and as a result, the town's weather became extremely erratic, with torrential rains one day and unexplainable, uncomfortable dryness the next.  Strange, but annoying and bad for certain crops at worst (hey, at least nobody died).  After awhile, Yao decided that he and Jin would move away from the city proper to a location just outside of the town.  He was sick of looking at things that reminded him of his parents.  Thus, he built the mansion on the lake for both of them all by himself after reading many, many reference books on the subject.  The mansion was (and still is) beautiful, and Yao took great pride in his creation.

And yet, he still stayed angry and depressed, and the town's weather still remained erratic and bad for crops.  The townspeople in one of the suburbs, upset with Yao's handling of the town's weather, decided that they missed the days when nature, not dragons, controlled the weather.  They decided to send Yao a very strong message about this.  So one day, they gathered together and dumped sewage and garbage into Yao's and Jin's lake.  The lake became so polluted that many of its residents (especially the koi fish that Yao lovingly tended to) died, and Yao and Jin themselves became very sick.  Although Yao was strong enough to function after this attack, Jin came near the brink of death.  This was too much for Yao; he'd already lost his parents, and he wasn't going to lose his little brother, too.  Thus, with all the force he could muster from his sick body, Yao flooded the suburb that had polluted the lake with their own polluted lake water.  While Yao didn't necessarily have the intention of killing them, he would not have cared had every single one of them died, either.

After the flood, the town council judged whether or not Yao was justified for his actions, especially since several people had died in the flood.  Yao pointed out that their polluting the lake was akin to attempted murder against Jin and him, and WAS murder to some of the lake's residents.  Although the murder of the fish hardly concerned the council, enough of them were swayed by Yao's point about the attempted murder that they ruled 3-to-2 in favor of Yao.  However, Yao was to pay for the damages against the town, he was to  make the weather better for harvesting, and he was to warn the people about whatever weather he was sending their way.  Thus, they gave him the job at a newspaper, and later, the news station.

Yao ultimately felt bitter about this verdict.  Although he hadn't been sentenced, he still felt that the townspeople were against him.  He had even attended school with some of them!  Fine.  If they were against him, he was against them.  He and Jin would live by themselves in their mansion and beyond what Yao was forced to do, wouldn't really care about those outside of their little corner of the world.

RP Sample:

Yao took careful steps in the area he had cleared out in a fairly empty room of the house, making certain that he danced this new dance perfectly.  Alright, so it wasn't exactly a new dance as far as the history of dances went (this one dated from around the Han dynasty), but it was new to him, and that's what mattered.  He counted out the beats in his head as he moved his graceful body to the inaudible rhythm.  When Yao danced, it was as if the wind itself were dancing.  Truly, he was a skilled dancer, and would have brought tears to people's eyes with the sublimity of his dancing.

Which is why he made certain that nobody else except for Jin (who was currently at school) could ever see him dance.  They didn't deserve to see his beauty.  

As he danced, a faint noise from the television in the other room caught his attention.  He tried to ignore it, but eventually, that noise threw off his attention and he missed a beat.  After realizing that he had to at least turn off the TV to continue, he sighed and walked into the other room.

Unfortunately for Yao's dancing, Adventures in Kitty-Land was on the television.  A white kitten with a little bow, surrounded by bamboo, danced around on the TV screen.  Yao grabbed the remote and hit the “info” button.  Sure enough, this was his favorite episode: the episode when Kitty goes into the bamboo forest and finds the home of the cuddly wuddly panda bears.

Dance time over.  TV time now.


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Post  Roisin Gallagher on Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:28 pm

Great App! I love how protective Yao is of his baby brother, and the deification of his parents was a good twist. The bit about the skinny dippers and his stance on humans made me laugh!

Everything is in order, so Welcome to Mythos!

Yao Wang-China Accepted_Mythos
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