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Post  Jin Wang on Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:03 am

(Jin Wang)

Jin Wang ~ Hong Kong Hkdr-1


Age (Physical): 7
Age (Actual): 175
Country of Origin: 香港 [Hong Kong]


[+] Extremely fast and agile in on his feet; has near perfect balance
[+] Is an excellent swimmer
[+] Very intelligent for his age, in terms of academics
[+] Has a very pleasant singing voice (good luck getting him to use it though)
[+] Always means well, even if it doesn't immediately come across that way


[-] His flying could use some work
[-] Very spoiled; has a sense of entitlement
[-] Can be very blunt and somewhat insensitive
[-] Causes massive rainstorms and flooding when he's feeling upset
[-] Somewhat naïve due to his brother's overprotective nature


[x] Tigers – Tigers lie directly opposite of dragons on the Chinese zodiac and can cause dragons to feel both emotionally and physically unbalanced
[x] Polluted bodies of water
[x] Lightning storms


[?] Jin constantly carries around a large, glowing pearl about the size of his head; on the off chance he forgets it at home, he’ll look for something else of similar size and shape to carry. He has no idea what to do with his hands otherwise.
[?] Because of Yao, Jin has a closet full of different outfits, one for everyday of the year. His favourites are the ones with long, flowing sleeves.
[?] Even though he was born during particularly nasty lightning storm, he's terrified of them.

Appearance: The blue markings above his eyebrows are small gemstones, common in all Eastern dragons - they tend to grow larger and brighter with age. Under his huge sleeves are clawed hands; his arms have small rubies and gold shards lightly dusted across them, which are actually remnants of his eggshell. He's also got rather small fangs, though so far doesn't seem to have much use for them.

As a dragon, Jin is about the size of a city bus. His long, serpentine body is covered in green and gold scales, and while his golden eyes remain the same colour, the pupils are reduced to slits. He carries his pearl underneath his chin, and has a roar that sounds similar to a harp. In this form, he is also very hard of hearing - only the roar of his elder brother seems to get his attention.


Species: Eastern Dragon ([龙]): A symbol of power and prosperity, these dragons are able to produce rain and are heavily associated with wind and water, often taking their residence near rivers and lakes. Instead of breathing fire, like their European cousins, Eastern dragons breathe mist and clouds. They carry around large pearls that hold the power to grant wishes and create lightning - they also have an affinity for shiny objects and precious gems, specifically gold and jade. While usually benevolent, angering a dragon can cause massive flooding and maelstroms, so it's wise to keep on these creatures' good sides.

Dragons can also shape shift, and when in human form, are said to be more beautiful than any mortal.

Place of Residence: A large mansion just outside of town, next to a crystal clear lake with massive amounts of fish.
Occupation: None
Stance on Humans: He has no idea what they are, seeing as how he's never met any - what little he knows is filtered through his brother's views. He's very curious about them though.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: His whole life [175 years]


Personality: While he has the appearance of a wide eyed, curious young boy, Jin is rather manipulative – though thankfully, he rarely uses his wit to cause too much trouble, save wrangling a few extra sweets from unsuspecting elders. He’s a bit hard to read, thanks to a seemingly permanent blank expression, but he’s very far from being emotionless. ...Though after talking to him for a while, one might wish he was. Jin is, for lack of a better word, rude. He doesn’t mean to be (most of the time), but his sarcasm and ever present bluntness can easily rub people the wrong way. He’s also quite spoiled, though this is hardly his fault – Jin has a sense of entitlement that is very hard to ignore, and he will often use his status as a dragon to excuse some of his more questionable behaviour. Recently he’s developed a rebellious streak, especially when it comes to Yao’s rigorous ‘culture lessons’. He finds them painfully old fashioned and pointless, and would much rather spend his time swimming in the lake.

Jin is naïve about many things, specifically humans. Despite his brother’s stories about how horrible and pathetic they are, he’s still very curious about them, and would like to meet one someday, just to say that he has. Like most members of his species, Jin adores milk and cream, as well as roasted swallow, though the latter has become more of a rare treat. When not in school, he spends most of his time around the lake playing with the fish.

History: Jin was born in Mythos, the second hatchling of an aging pair of Eastern dragons – the egg incubated for several months, finally breaking open during a lightning storm caused by the joyous cries of his parents. Seventy-five years later, his parents ascended into eternity, leaving Jin with his brother on Mythos. He didn’t understand the full details, but from what he was able to comprehend, what had happened to their parents was a good thing. Yao didn’t seem to think so, however; though Jin had only begun to speak in complete sentences, he knew that the chaotic weather was being caused by his brother.

They eventually moved out of the main city and began living in a vast mansion his brother had built using the wood from a nearby forest. Their estate rested on the edge of a beautiful lake that teemed with hundreds of fish. Despite their new surroundings, the weather continued to be erratic, and the residents of Mythos took it upon themselves to teach Yao a lesson. By polluting the lake however, they unknowingly (or, perhaps knowingly) caused Jin to fall deathly ill. Yao, fighting off sickness himself, saw an end to that – his actions resulted in a terrible flood that killed several people. Though Yao faced punishment from the council, Jin could only remember how hard his brother worked to get him well again, bathing him in purified water until the toxins were completely washed away.

Now 175 (or, in dragon years, 7), Jin still recalls the tragedy that befell their lake, but unlike Yao, he doesn’t seem to hold a grudge against Mythos or its citizens. He’s much more preoccupied with discovering new places to explore, and finding out more about the many different species that live around him.

RP Sample: Jin peered into the clear lake, his golden eyes following a large group fish swimming lazily just beneath the surface. He knelt by the water’s edge, a large glowing pearl resting comfortably in his clawed hands; the young dragon looked over his shoulder, towards the large mansion a stone’s throw away. His brother still hadn’t returned from his job at the local news station, which meant he still had a few moments to play without having someone breathing poetry down his back. With a small smirk, Jin shifted the weight of his pearl and dipped a hand into the water, forming a small whirlpool in his palm.

After making sure the coast was clear, he cast the small water cyclone forward, jostling the school and scattering the fish across the lake. Though the poor things were disoriented, they weren’t harmed...at least, he hoped not. Besides, even fish needed to have some fun now and again, even if it came in the form of being flung halfway across a large body of water. Maybe next week he could get someone to teach them how to boogie.

Jin took his hand from the lake, shaking off the droplets of water that clung to his claws. As he moved to stand, he felt a very firm grip on his shoulder, one that he knew all too well. Swallowing a newly formed lump in his throat, the young dragon turned sheepishly, looking up into familiar golden eyes.



Name/Nickname: Jessica
Age: 20
Timezone: Pacific [GMT -8]

RP Experience

Malik Ishtar (Yuugiou: Duel Monsters) ~ 2005-2009

Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist) ~ 2006-2007

Hong Kong
2010 - Prozac Nations 1.0/2.0, Courtalia, CSItalia, Hetalia: X
2011 - Choices, Hetalia: X - Reboot

2010 - Hetalia: X
2011 - Hetalia: X - Reboot

2010 - Prozac Nations 2.0, Hetalia: X

Contact Info

pandabaozhi (AIM)
bobamilktea@live.com (MSN)
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Post  Roisin Gallagher on Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:22 am

Adorable! Simply adorable! Welcome to Mythos, Jin!

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