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:Alina “Lili” Vogel:

Alina Vogel | Liechtenstein Pbucket


Age (Physical): 16
Age (Actual): 16
Country of Origin: Liechtenstein


[+] Dexterous: Alina's major past times, which include sewing and embroidery, have strengthened her fine motor skills to a very sharp level. While this may seem trivial, it gives her a bonus whenever there is a tricky task that takes small and nimble hands.
[+] Physical Prowess: While among mystical creatures her abilities might not seem that amazing, among humans she is above the elite.
[+] Humble: Alina isn't very assuming, she'll let others win an argument or a fight, which keeps herself in people's good graces and out of trouble.
[+] Intelligent: A very smart girl, if you tell her something, she's likely to remember it and she digests new concepts very easily.
[+] Language: Due to her species, she understands all forms of communication. This comes in handy when many types of mythical creature can't speak any human tongue.
[+] Organization: Lili has no trouble keeping both facts and physical things organized. This means she's pretty clever when it comes to deductive reasoning or getting together a plan.


[-] Not Adaptable: This seems to be at odds with her intelligence, but she can have trouble thinking on her feet and doing what needs to be done at the correct time. Later she might realize all her mistakes.
[-] Dependent: While she doesn't need someone to hold her hand, knowing that there's someone there to catch her if she were to fall is very important to her.
[-] Not Much of a Fighter: While she may have the ability to overcome obstacles, the idea of fighting isn't appealing to her. She'd rather just let the other person win if it's that important to them.
[-] Easily Flustered: While she is fully capable of speaking her mind, she has a hard time participating in an actual argument. She also can become flustered when people give her compliments.
[-] Swimming: she knows how to swim, she's not very good at it and she's very uncomfortable with her ability. While this might seem like a minor issue, it makes her very nervous to be on boats or over any type of water.
[-] Not always taken seriously: She's little and cute, who would believe there's any other talent there?


[x] Bugs: They're so creepy and they crawl around and can get in your clothes or in your hair and lay eggs! @A@
[x] Being alone | Being rejected again: Who isn't a little worried about this? But her adopted parents tossing her out really brought this out.
[x] Many things: She's new to the magical world and things like werewolves and such? Scary.


[?] Keeping her hands busy: If she doesn't have anything else to focus on, she'll take out something to occupy her.
[?] Zoning out in the presence of cute: If there's something cute, she'll likely be too distracted by it to think clearly unless the topic is really important.
[?] Following anyone she knows around: If there are a lot of people and she only knows one, that person gets a new shadow.

Appearance: Same as picture


While she has the physical appearance of a human, Lili is actually the daughter of an angel and a human woman, or a Nephilim. An obscure being that many aren't totally familiar with, a Nephilim is what one might imagine a cross breed between the two might create. Lili's athletic skills are beyond reproach by humans and capable of competing with the swiftest and strongest land animals. Unlike full angels, Lili has no wings or reality warping abilities. The only 'powers' granted to her are is a mastery of all communication (including the ability to 'speak' with animals), a very slight resistance to magic (it seems to settle on them awkwardly) and the ability to judge a man's guilt by physical contact. Once contact occurs, Lili will feel the purity of the individual and know of their crimes and misdeeds.

Giving birth to a Nephilim almost always kills the mother, however a male Nephilim can safely mate with a female human about half the time. Half of the fatal births will yield a giant and only half of the successful non-fatal births will yield a child with the abilities of the Nephilim parent. A female Nephilim mating with a human male has a high risk of a miscarriage or having a stillborn baby.

A Nephilim can likewise mate with another Nephilim, in which case the maternal death, miscarriages and stillbirths occur with the same frequency they would with two human parents, however the possibility of yielding a giant still exists and most children from this union will have some if not all the powers of a Nephilim. A male Nephilim is incapable of impregnating a female angel (just as human men are). A female Nephilim can typically bear the child of a male angel with no difficulty and the resultant child will be another Nephilim.

There is little knowledge of what happens when a Nephilim of either sex attempts to mate with a magical creature or magically empowered human. Logical conclusions could be made using common sense in regards to the nature of the other party and its biology.
Place of Residence:
Lili lives in a small room above the shop that she works at. The owner of the shop and his family occupy the rest of the residential part of the building, but her lodging is included within her pay, though she also babysits their child every so often as another way of saying thank you. To her, that just means she rarely is alone.
Occupation: All around assistant at general store. She cleans, she sweeps, she helps customers. If it's bellow management level, she probably does it.
Stance on Humans: Despite her hardships with them, Lili sees herself as human still, so she is very sympathetic to them. It's the other inhabitants of Mythos that tend to scare her a little more.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: Less than 1 year.


It's easy to assume that Lili is a timid girl because she has no problem with allowing her adopted brother to speak for her. But that's not the case. Lili doesn't mind being spoken for, that much is true. Generally Basch knows how she feels and if he's right, there's no reason for her to have a problem. She likes that someone is that willing to think of her and consider her point of view.

However, when she is alone she is willing to give her own opinion as well. Believing she is shy is diagnosing the symptom of not being talkative instead of really looking at what's behind that. In truth, she actually just tries to be polite and not stick her nose in to other people's business, even if she's fine with people sticking their nose in hers (most of the time). Someone who does engage her with a solid topic will find that they'll have a hard time getting out of the conversation. While she tries to be friendly, she won't pretend that she supports something that she does not.

On many issues she finds herself being rather old fashioned. A lot of the newer attitudes when it comes to romance make her feel uncomfortable. Her desire to not be rude (as mentioned before) will keep her from vocalizing this discomfort, but her lack of ability as an actress means anyone paying attention will probably notice.

The easiest way to lose her friendship is to be her definition of 'two faced'. As with a lot of people, there seems to be a particular style of this that she finds unappealing and other styles that don't bother her at all. In her case, if you're generally rude to other people and then try to act sweet to her, she's not just going to purr for you. The only exception being if she believes you're just rude because you're shy, but proving this to her isn't easy. Once again, it's not an easy thing to characterize.

The things that please her the most are often very simple. She loves most mammals and birds, while a lot of reptiles like snakes and lizards as well as bugs and spiders tend to creep her out. If it's the classical definition of 'cute' she is likely to believe it is too. She's also a very big fan of embroidery, which she does to pass the time or to work through a bad mood. The most complex object she has a real drawing toward is the computer and smart phones, which she enjoys playing around with and playing games on.

History: Few being in the universe can claim perfection and angels are not one of them. While many are fully devoted to their master, some do stray from the path. In ages past, those banished from heaven would occasionally bed the striking women and men of earth. Some of these unions would create Nephilim. In this age, it was a much more rare thing as angels were much less likely to roam the middle realm without a purpose, but then many would say Lili's father did have a purpose. Were that to be believed, then he achieved what he set out to do: bed a young, beautiful woman and in the process kill her and make a child he would never see.

No one knew who the girl's father was. They just knew she needed somewhere to live and hopefully someone to love her. Only the first would actually come through. Her adopted parents did their best, but they were easily swept up by the girl's prowess. As what can happen to any parents with talented children, they saw her success as their success and tried to live through her. They tested his coordination in whatever sport was seasonal (even once dressing her as a boy to see if she had a talent in a sport that didn't have enough popularity among girls to warrant its own league). Lili simply complied, not knowing any other life.

Her ability to speak foreign tongues and know the hearts of others didn't come to her until she was fourteen. When it did, she realized a bit too much while in the embrace of his parents. She felt too much when she allowed herself to engage in a high five. The realization that she understood other languages wasn't apparent until she started speaking back and not totally revealed until she could feel the tiny waves of communication of a small ant invasion inside her house.

When she tried to explain any of this to her parents, they began to suspect she was a demon (likely due misremembering what 'speaking in tongues' had actually been referencing). No longer wanting their house tainted by a dark creature, they sent her away.

RP Sample:
Liechtenstein hummed lightly as she worked on her mask. While there were many fun holidays throughout the year, she enjoyed the ones like these the best. It was like a masquerade that spanned multiple nations! It was simply too different from most other observances to compare. Not that she didn't enjoy the cozy holidays that were just between family. It was hard to explain. Luckily she didn't have to try. Unluckily, she didn't have to try because she was alone.

The young blonde looked over at the colorless mask that lay near her own work in progress. Big brother was supposed to be here a half hour ago to paint with her. Actually, they were going to cut them together too but she had finished that task for both of them already. Of course, he'd no doubt be around soon. He wasn't a liar and they were at his house. Hard for him not to come back. But she couldn't fight the frown that came to her face. Hopefully he'd be back before she fell asleep. Until then she'd have to stall and do as little as possible with her mask so they'd have more to do together.

She looked over to the other side, staring at nothing for a moment. Standing up, she smoothed out her clothing and headed over to the window. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and considered her next move. Well the digital age did mean you didn't have to guess... Why did she always feel like she needed him more when she was at his house?

Climbing up onto the window sill, she spread her legs out as best she could. It had rained the last few days, but tonight the sky was still as she looked upon the Swiss city. Her hands idly played with the phone, turning it over. If he wasn't back in ten minutes, she'd text him.


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