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Míng-Xīng Zhào

Ming-Xing Zhao - Republic of Singapore [FINISHED] SingaporeWithoutGlassesdownsized


Age (Physical): 18
Age (Actual): 398 - one of the younger members of Mythos.
Country of Origin: Singapore


Singing and music in general; her species are known to lure others into the sea with their voices or lead men to their deaths.
Cooking; Ming likes her meals gourmet and is by no means a vegetarian. If she wants swordfish, she will get swordfish with a dash of kelp on top. Anything to heighten the flavor. Because of this, she tends to like meals above water the best.
Sharp eyesight; only in water. She could spot a shrimp crawling on the ocean floor about a mile away.
Intelligent; she's practically devoured all the books in her own personal library, the ones above water, and anything else she can get her webbed hands on.
Polite; Ming tries not to offend anyone she talks to (unless the topic is clothes), so she usually uses the most formal ways to speak as possible.


Destructive strength; water has no gravity, and compared to the things on land, it's much harder to break things in water than it is on land. Because of this, she usually uses much more force than needed for everyday tasks on land.
Stutter-y; above land, her sentences become almost incomprehensible because of how hard she stutters. It gets better if she knows you well, but the stutter is still there. If she drags out her words, like if she is singing, then the stutter will be almost nonexistent.
Anything bitter; her body has an unusual reaction to anything bitter. It will shut down almost immediately if the taste buds find anything bitter.
Short; with legs, she is just about 5'3" or 160 cm.
Perfectionist; she will try to check everything as much as she can and (figuratively) falls into shock if something is out of place or went wrong.
Habit of stressing she's right even if she's wrong; because she's a perfectionist.
Not very fast; on land. She's still getting used to using her legs. In the water is a different story.


Creepy crawlers; it was a long story that involved a crab, three seagulls, a wrench, and a slug
Deserts; she cannot live without some source of water
Medicine that must be eaten; most of the ones she's come in contact with are bitter, and her body shuts down when faced with anything bitter.


Vain; Ming will always try to look her best no matter the situation and will always have some form on jewelry on her. Her species in general are known for their vanity.
Likes to collect colorful rocks or gems
She considers it a compliment if someone calls her tail 'slimy'
When happy, she releases a clicking sound with her tongue
Ming always tries to avoid crying for reasons other than being labeled as 'weak'
She likes talking with fish puns

Appearance: Unlike most of her species, Ming has short hair. She says it's because short hair is easier to take care of, but in reality her hair can't grow past that length for some reason. She's tried multiple times because she wants to brush her hair like she's seen her mother do but nothing works.

Ming has three slits on the each side of her neck that serve as gills and allow her to breathe underwater. Her skin is tanned from spending days lounging on rocks and beaches. Her ears are large fins and she usually hooks a gold earring on them (or two or three). Her hands are webbed, and sometimes she complains about them because it's hard to sew. Her tail is a bright red and a line of sharp fins produce from the middle of her back down to the end of her tail. Because of how short her hair is, Ming always weaves together seaweed to hide her upper half.

When she sheds her skin (or tail), her complexion turns grey and she gains feet. Her hands are still webbed along with her feet. She keeps her large fin ears and gills.

Her usual outfit is a traditional red Chinese qipao fused with the semi-transparent layering style of the Malay kebaya. The qipao reaches to her knees and has no sleeves. She always wears red flats because Ming can't handle heels, not even the slightest.


Species: Mermaids are usually depicted as a creature with a female head, arms, and torso of a human, but with the tail of a fish. Much like sirens, mermaids will sing to people or gods to enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing people to walk off a ship's deck or to run their ship aground.

In ancient fairy tales of Asia, the mermaid was a special creature whose tears could turn into priceless pearls. Mermaids could also weave an extremely valuable material, translucent and beautiful. Because of this, fishermen longed to catch them, but the mermaids' splendid singing could simply drag them down into a coma.

In heraldry, merfolk were used to symbolize eloquence in speech.

The particular species of mermaid Ming belongs to are the ones who can shed their skin, or tail, and grow legs. Their complexion also turns grey. The shed skin then must be returned to the mermaid if they wish to return to sea. They cannot return to sea without their skin. But it's also simply too large and heavy to carry around, so they hide it somewhere in the nearby shrubbery where no one will find it.

Place of Residence: In the ocean just about a mile or so from town. She makes her home in the sunken ships and it's where she gets most of her jewelry from.
Occupation: Sometimes tailors clothes for those who have the money/jewelry to afford it. Everything is made from the best materials she can find, after all.
Stance on Humans: She hasn't ever come in contact with any before, but has heard the horrible tales of them and wishes to never do so. She's very prejudice towards them.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: The whole 398 years of her life.


Personality: Ming is a bit shy when you first start talking with her; she keeps stuttering and sometimes her sentences are a bit incomprehensible. However, her stutter will still be present even if you are long-time friends; the level of it will just tone down. She is very polite and formal, and will add a "Miss" or "Mister" in front of someone else's name unless she knows the person well.

She’s intelligent, business minded, hard working, and independent. Basically, she's sort of a workaholic.

Ming is a bit... blunt. If anything she says offends you, it's just because she's stating it as she sees it and probably doesn't see anything bad behind it (though she won't be all 'Ew! Your shirt looks like it just came out of the garbage!' That's being rude, not blunt). She'll especially criticize you if your hair is a mess or your clothes don't match. She's a very vain person.

History: Ming was born the single daughter of two merfolk who had just emigrated from Earth to Mythos. She grew up hearing only her parent's side of the story on humans. They told her how horrible they were and that none of them should be trusted. Ming believed them to the letter.

When she turned one hundred, her parents decided that it was time for a vacation. Ming remembers when they packed some of their belongings and told her that they'd be back soon and that she would do just fine. Ming never saw them again. Eventually, her house deteriorated into a state that was unusable because she was too busy mourning to take care of it. Once she came to her senses, she packed everything she could and fled.

Her home now are the sunken ships that litter the ocean floor of Mythos. It's a strange place to make a shelter but Ming is happy with the furniture she can find inside. It's also close to shore so she can quickly and easily access the surface.

RP Sample:

It was one of those rare days that Ming was bored. Usually, the mermaid would be trying to finish sewing her latest project or designing a new one. The endless possibilities of mixing jellyfish with fish scales or kelp and crab shells never seemed to end. There were so many resources in the water that Ming could never run out of ideas!

Or so she thought.

Ming sighed, burying her face further into her pillow made of kelp. In front of her were various assortments of brushes, combs, jewelry, hair pins, and the like. Earlier, she had tried to style her hair in many different ways to keep off the boredom. It only lasted a while before she got bored of that too. She looked up, lazily swimming to mirror in front of her. She placed her fingers on the glass and started tracing lines.

"Yī, èr, sān, sì," she repeated, drawing the necessary lines on the mirror. Ming wanted to be productive, and while writing numbers on the mirror really didn't quite fit the bill, it would do for now.

Oogie boogie!

Name/Nickname: Call me Vriska or Vris if you want~
Age: 20.
Timezone: GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time)
RP Experience: I've been roleplaying for about seven years. The ones I remember are:

Wolf Print (variety of different characters)
Wiztalia (fem!Prussia and Singapore)
Facebook (fem!Prussia, Singapore, Russia, and fem!South Italy)
Trollmegle (Vriska, Gamzee, and Karkat)
Skype (whatever series comes to mind)

Contact Info:
shadowymagix [Skype]
Konigin Aura [Xbox LIVE]
hear-my-awesome-rawr [Tumblr]

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Ming is a really well thought out character! I really like your take on a mermaid and her personality is very realistic! Welcome to Mythos!

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