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Post  Pavel Petrescu on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:46 am

It was overcast but that didn't mean anything to the hooded figure covered in black, at least everything that was outside of the cloak was in black... leather that is, long sleeves and full-fingered gloves that matched heavy boots. Sometimes the figure rather enjoyed dressing like this, it was potentially mysterious to many a potential taker but not today... Today he would have rather worn vibrant purple with frills and orange ribbons with some bright blue converse flats... Unfortunately, this was the curse of having to go outside in the daytime. At least underneath the cloak, he had the flamboyant clothing on minus the shoes.

In his arms seemed to be several small jars filled with an off-white powder. These were a special order, they were already sold and just needed to be delivered so he could pick his pay of whatever that English mage decided would fulfill equivalent exchange. Granted, he, Pavel, would bargain as he saw fit, but in the end, he would get his shiny things (preferably pennies) and be on his way home, unburdened by jars of powdered pixie bones.

As he approached the building he knew to be the apothecary where the customer awaited him, Pavel shoved open the door, practically prancing inside. The one-fanged wonder held the jars aloft over his head in pride as he kicked the door shut with his foot (even though it was not his door, he frankly just did not care). "Kirkland! I have them right here!" he exclaimed, swishing his hips from side to side in a little dance... which was odd-looking considering he was still cloaked. "Do you have my shinies~?" he asked, setting the jars on a nearby table (not bothering with whatever book he just knocked over) before pushing a gloved hand under his hood to put it down to reveal chin length blond hair that, today at least, was combed straight down to frame the overly-pleased-with-himself smile on his face.
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