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The Scary Set Up Empty The Scary Set Up

Post  Roisin Gallagher on Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:37 am

Rosy walked through the town square watching the last decorations be put into place. A smile graced her lips. She always loved this time of year, and the council had outdone themselves this year. Her hand stretched skyward so her fingertips could run along the old fashioned turnip jack-o-lanterns that had been stung up in front of some of he booths.

She double checked her costume, sometimes it was nice to be able to perform glamours. Her body was bare except for a barrel which preserved her modesty and was filled with honest to goodness spirits, of the alcoholic kind. Cups clanked where they were fastened to the barrel lip. She wanted to offer samples of course.

As she watched the sun setting, her grin grew. It was time for the festivities to begin!

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