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Siegfried (Germania) 663805q


Age (Physical): Somewhere in his late twenties or possibly younger
Age (Actual): More than a millennium, though to be honest, he really doesn't know nor does he have any curiosity in him to know; mortal years confound him a lot
Country of Origin: Germany; in the Rothaargebirge Mountains


[+] Magic. His kind have always been known for their magical prowess, but even then he’s still rather exceptional. A whole new class, you could say.
[+] "Seeing." This, too, is something common amongst those of his blood. He has devoted much of his Seeing to the future and to his surroundings. It makes launching ranged attacks a lot easier for him. It's also helped him avoid a few nasty encounters that he's better without.
[+] Experience. After a long long time of being alive, he's bound to have picked up a couple of things here and there that he can use to his advantage.
[+] Weapons handling. He's quite nifty with swords, axes, bows and arrows, and the like. He didn't have a natural affinity for them, being that his folk mostly relied on their magic, and so had to train with them for quite a while. Quite a while being half his lifetime, give or take.
[+] Beauty. Though he may be a grouch, there's no denying that he's exceedingly beautiful, as all of his kind are. There have been times when his fine features have inadvertently helped him.


[-] Physical strength. He isn't quite as strong as everyone else. In fact, his strength is more like an average human's. Though he has centuries of experience and his magical abilities, it still rankles him a little bit that he can't carry as much as his neighbors.
[-] Seemingly unable to get along well with others, rather, unable to understand them and how to get along well with them. He tends to stay all by his lonesome self. It doesn't help that he also tends to think a little bit lowly of everyone else other than himself and his kind and a few noteworthy beings.
[-] A great deal of things that can kill average humans. He doesn't catch any of those human illnesses. He can, however, be affected by human actions. Stabbing, hanging, suffocating, and slicing -- he has come to terms that his kind aren't "pure" immortals in a sense that they can't be killed at all.
[-] Anti-magic tricks and traps. Particularly the kind that the hunters set down in order to catch unsuspecting magical beings like him.
[-] His inability to lie. Lying, apparently, is a foreign concept to his ilk. Though others may actually find this to be a good trait, this doesn't exactly bode well for him in most of his dealings with other races. Whenever he does talk or act, it's sure to be in a very confident, straight-forward manner regardless of whether or not he knows the consequences of his mannerism.
[-] Darkness. He feels somewhat weaker, a shadow of his normal self you might say, when he's put inside dark places where he can't see any natural light at all. This is possibly due to his kind's nature. He's been trying to get past this weakness, but so far, all of his attempts have been in vain.


[x] Hunters. He's had the most unpleasant experiences with them, what with those myths about elven blood and such being essential components for Philosophers' Stones and a fat load of other artifacts that can very well aid humans in becoming a little less... human. Needless to say, he has nightmares about his days of being a young, naive elfling susceptible to human guiles.
[x] Being captured again. There was some point in his life where he had become too careless and had gotten trapped by a pack of hunters. It isn't one of his more fond memories.
[x] Losing his Magic or his Sight. He believes that an elf that is without any Magic or Sight is not an elf at all therefore to lose both would mean a dishonor so great that it could only be erased by ceasing to exist.
[x] Getting stuck in the dark for too long. Too long being more than half his lifetime. There was that thing with his mother, but he'd rather not talk about it.
[x] Going on trips, long ones. He's getting over it bit by bit. Or at least he's looking as if he's getting over it.


[?] Like many elves, he finds it difficult to understand mortal ways. He finds humans to be the most interesting race out of all the mortals he's seen. He's developed a bit of an observing habit when it comes to them. Of course, he makes it a point to be an observer only and nothing more. (However, there have been a handful of blue moon incidents wherein he was prompted to act otherwise, and even he could not make much sense of those times.)
[?] He likes collecting all sorts of objects -- small trinkets, clothes, furniture, all that rot -- that turn out to be expensive one way or the other. He has several rooms dedicated to his hard-earned collections. Actually, he's just really fond of things that turn out to be pretty and costly.
[?] Hanging around his neck and hidden under his clothes is a bright red pendant. He hardly ever takes it off. Apparently, it's a momentum from his younger years.


Pale blond hair, blue eyes. Fair skin that seems to have never seen a day's hard work. Tips of the ears pointier than the normal rounded ones of humans. Slender and tall -- very tall. More often than not, he'll be either sporting a cool, neutral expression or an irritated scowl.

There's a bit of a glow to him that becomes noticeable when he's indoors or when it's nighttime or when he's experiencing extreme moods; normally, he just looks like any other insanely beautiful otherworldly being.

It gives off a really ethereal effect. He doesn't complain much about his skin absorbing and reflecting light because it's sort of a coping mechanism for dark places; they're like camels, but instead of saving water, they save light. (It's been joked once that he's like a solar panel. When he found out what a solar panel was and though he was grudgingly amazed by this human invention, he did not take it as a compliment. At all.)

Something about him, elves in general to be honest, makes people wax poetic. Even if he's grimacing and glaring.

His clothes suit him in this spartan, "I'm a bit of a model, you see?" way. If that makes much sense. He prefers wearing drab-colored clothes because he's... a bright enough person on his own. That and that he dislikes being given too much attention on when he doesn't want to be paid attention to.



Elves. Stunningly beautiful, forever youthful, and with a natural predisposition to magic. Their kind have been blessed with extraordinary sight and hearing; that is, they are able to hear and see more than most: the future, the past, faraway distances. Some elves, when they spend quite some time out of their natural habitat, become struck with madness because of all the things they could see and hear. Siegfried, obviously, isn't one of those elves.

They are, in a sense, immortal, though they can also be harmed by weapons and the like. If a part of their body gets cut off, it's likely that it won't grow back again on its own. If they're killed, they leave the mortal plains and go back to where they originally came from; it'll take some time for them to "recover" from dying. However, most elves, once they die, never go back to the mortal plains.

The branch of elves that Siegfried comes from is more magically-attuned than the other kinds of elves. They're a rather peaceful group that is more neutral than anything as opposed to the other elves who are either "morally" good or evil. These elves also tend to breed exceptional foretellers.

They're also terribly useless in dark places. They get most of their power from light. They feel out of place in the dark; something about it makes them feel paranoid and agitated. If left alone in the dark too much, possibly a century or so would do, the light in these elves begin to, ever so slowly, get dimmer and dimmer until they simply cease to exist. This is one of the reasons why they never seem to get along well with their more dark-loving brethren. A few notable elves of their race have, however, managed to attain some sort of immunity to the dark though they are still more energetic in the presence of natural lighting.

Sometimes, these elves also make contracts with humans. Nothing big like getting mortal souls in exchange. Mostly, these are done for their amusement, as living long lives can be terribly boring at times, or for them to learn more about mortals, curious beings that they are.

(Based on... a lot of things as there isn't a set definition for what exactly an elf entails in Germanic mythology. Bits of this part have been inspired by Tolkien-esque elves.

And, um, most of it is artistic license I guess?)

Place of Residence
Siegfried lives inside a towering, thick ancient tree. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that he shares his living space with the aforementioned tree.

The inside of all four floors of his home have this “forest” feel to them. The floors, walls, ceilings, and most of the furniture are made from the tree and its surrounding siblings. Other bits and bobs of the house came from other materials that can be found mostly only by his folk.

It would be safe to say that most of his house was made through magic. Actually, after being in his house for only a few seconds or, seeing as he isn’t quite fond of visitors, being in the vicinity of his house for a few seconds, people have attested to feeling some magic stirring in them -- the feeling dissipates after a short while, but that sharp, tingling feeling will hardly ever leave their memories.


As strange at it sounds, he's a teacher at the Nosforatu Mythos Academy. He mostly teaches magical theories. Obviously, he's a rather strict teacher who, at times, can be far too finicky about the many ways kids these days understand complex theories wrongly.

Stance on Humans

He believes most of them to be either there for his hobby of people-watching or there to irritate him endlessly. For the most part, he doesn't seem to trust them after that encounter with a human hunter so long ago.

How long have they been a resident of Mythos?

A good three hundred years or so.



At his worst, he is antisocial, grouchy, and vengeful. At his best, he's quiet, cool, and neutral. Needless to say, Siegfried won't be the friendliest person you can meet; if he is, then you need a bit more kindness in life.

Through and through a quiet and antisocial person, Siegfried will do his very best to avoid parties and other social events. Though he will willingly participate in conferences, meeting, and after-conference meals. He also likes going to drinking matches.

He is such a terribly serious person that jokes, for the most part, seem to fly over his head. When he does joke, his facial expression never varies, thus, it's rather hard to know whether or not he's attempting to tickle your funny bone. He gets a little bit "deflated" when people don't seem to understand that what he's saying is supposed to be funny.

When someone does something to offend him, he will end up holding a grudge -- a quiet, fuss-less affair, but still, it's quite obvious that he's angry at that person -- on them for a while. Make that a very long while. The only thing that will appease him is a satisfactory explanation of the offender's actions; satisfactory being short, detailed, and logical in his point of view.

That said, Siegfried is a fair person. Though he has a billion and one biases in his head, hardly will he ever give subjective comments on important matters. He'll just keep his own thoughts, the ones that weren't as objective as he would want to, to himself to sort out and analyze.


It was a murky, dusky afternoon when a wee elfling was born to two elves from ancient, influential families. The Oracle had said that it was good that he had been born during dusk as that was a time when magic was so strong in the air that even non-magical beings could feel it, but the gloominess in murky days did not bode well at all.

"His future is something which I cannot see," the Oracle had murmured with her soft voice. "Darkness hides it from me and that is what makes me fear for your child."

This little elf grew up to be a magical prodigy. He devoured tomes and scrolls and books of spells, incantations, potions-making, and practical applications. He learned so quickly that by the time he passed his second century, he had already learned all that there was to learn about the magic of his clan. So, though his birth parents were highly against it as he was simply too young, he set forth into the bright and vast world in order to learn more.

His journey led him to many great cities until he eventually landed in a human port city. It was amazing, he thought, and very much beautiful. It was his first time to see such a large body of water and to see so many humans! Being an elf who had no knowledge of why he ought to mask the fact that he was an elf when amongst humans, he quickly caught the attention of the city folk.

The news of an elf in the city caught the attention of an infamous hunter who knew a profit when she heard one.

The elf, young and naive, was enraptured by this passionate and friendly woman who taught him all sorts of things that he could only learn from humans. Soon, he was caught in her web and placed inside a cage made from anti-magic metals. He and his beautiful cage -- "As only beautiful things suit someone as beautiful as you." -- were stored in a dark place when not being shown off to potential buyers.

As time passed by in that dark holding place of his, this little elf began to forget about himself. When he, to try and cheer himself up, tried bringing up images of his family, his home, his friends, nothing came up but blurred and colorless shapes. It was then that he realized that he was well and truly lost. And that maybe he should have heeded his parents' warning.

After what seemed to be decades had passed, he was bought by a kindly old woman who reeked of magic and felt like home. There was something familiar about her, he thought, and once they were alone and on the way to her house in a warm carriage, he asked, "Do I know you?"

With twinkling eyes and a soft smile, she spoke in a language that was so nostalgic it almost made tears fall from his eyes. "I have never met you before." She paused. "I am a mage, half an elf by my father's side, and my name is Amelia. What is yours?"

"I--" The elf was at a loss. "I have no name." He shook his head. "However, I am an elf and that is all I know."

"Then I will call you Siegfried." She patted his head.

She took him under her care and taught him all that she knew. He, too, taught her the many things he had not forgotten while in captivity. Eventually, he wore out the knowledge of the woman. She gladly bought him books and scrolls of spells and chants and such while she was out visiting other places.

Being only half an elf, the woman died after a hundred and a half years and Siegfried was left all alone yet again. He, without ever having that fear of journeying conquered, ventured out into the world once again as that house where the two of them lived was too big and empty for the Siegfried who had been spoiled by that woman's care and affection.

Soon, he came upon Mythos and, well, he's been living there ever since.

RP Sample

It was Siegfried's first time in a human city for decades. He'd only come here because had been tipped off to a location of a rather interesting book he had been searching for. And that book happened to be in some human bookstore.

He walked with a straight back and dignified steps. He firmly ignored all the looks he was garnering.

It was normal for elves to get stared at when they chose to appear in front of mortals.

"Mama, mama, doesn't he look pretty?" asked a little girl with wide and awed eyes.

One of the things he hated going through these human streets was the attention. He was more used to sitting back and watching humans from afar where he couldn't be bothered. These days, that was turning out to be harder and harder, what with the sudden explosion of human population growths.

(Not that he knew much about things happening "suddenly" or so. Elves happened to be rather horrible at telling the time.)

Soon enough, he'd walked right out of one of the busier streets and entered a quieter, less populated alley. A, compared to the street he had been before, darker and chillier alley that didn't quite sit well with him.

If his memory of the map was correct -- and it was -- that bookstore ought to be right at the end of the alley.

The book that he had been looking for was a grimoire of sorts. It informed the caster how to summon great heroes and legendary weapons of all races. This was a valuable yet undeniably dangerous book. It had the potential to eat the soul of its owner right after being used should the owner have a will weaker than that of the book's.

It was haunted by years, ages of accumulated knowledge.

To Siegfried, who had hardly anything in his mind but acquiring magical knowledge and using it, this was a book that he absolutely had to have.

"That frown is such a waste of a pretty face," whispered someone in the shadows.

Siegfried glanced at where the speaker seemed to be standing. It was an old man. Balding, wrinkly.

A mage. The existence of this man in this alley had only confirmed the information about the book's whereabouts.

"Are you the seller?" asked Siegfried, facing the mage.

"The book comes with a heavy price." The man stepped from out of the shadows. "But I am willing to bargain with one of Elvenkind."

The beginnings of magic stirred in the air. The man was binding him to an oath. Crafty old mage. Not that Siegfried needed any oaths to stay true to his side of the bargain: his kind had proven time and time again their inability to deceive. "What is it that you ask of me?" he then said.

Money was hardly ever an issue with things like these. Quite possibly because money was never what people wanted in exchange for magical items backed up by centuries of use.

"Three drops of your blood to complete my life's work." The old man gave him a toothy smile.

Siegfried frowned. "Surely you do not believe that elven blood makes elixirs of immortality." As far as he knew, elven blood reacted awfully to most other things.

"No, no. It is for something else. And might I also ask for a tear drop of yours?"

Oh. He knew where this was going. "I accept. Might I warn you, mage, that there is no spell or concoction powerful enough to bring back those who have departed from the mortal plains."

"Then you have much to learn of humans, ageless one." The man's smile softened. "Come inside my shop where you can see the book for yourself and decide whether it is truly worth what I ask."

Queer. Humans were queer creatures.

Siegfried curtly nodded and followed the man.


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