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:Soren Magnusson:

Soren Magnusson - Denmark Qqsdwx


Age (Physical): 25
Age (Actual): 273
Country of Origin: Denmark


[+] Physically very strong
[+] Cheerful demeanor
[+] Loyal friend
[+] Fiercely protective of his family
[+] Talented with an axe


[-] Fairly . . . dense
[-] Can be plied with good beer
[-] Attractive women
[-] Horrible temper
[-] Easily bored


[x] Losing Erik – since he only has Erik left, Soren will do anything to keep him safe.
[x] Dying with dishonor – the goal of any war elf is to die and go to Valhalla, but, if he dies with dishonor, he will not be sent there.
[x] Being unable to protect his family – Soren has already seen his family attacked, and is not will to let it happen again.


[?] For some reason, he hates Swedish. Can’t put his finger on it, but hearing it grates on his nerves.
[?] His stomach is one of the first things on his mind, so if you make him dinner, he’ll be eternally grateful.
[?] He loves spoiling and picking on Erik; he feels it shows his love.

Appearance: Soren, like his little brother, has pointy ears as well.



Soren is one of the rarely seen War Elves; a race based entirely on making war and being victorious. Their kind is raised on the knowledge that to lose is unforgivable, and the highest victory is to die and go to Valhalla, to kill, drink and feast forever. Physically, they are tall and well-built, mostly in the upper body, with the strength to wield great weapons.

Place of Residence: As of right now, nowhere. But he does like the look of that house not too far from the main street . . .
Occupation: Currently unemployed
Stance on Humans: Has met a few, doesn’t really care too much either way.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: Barely ten minutes


Personality: Normally, Soren is cheerful and loud, making jokes and running around. He loves his family and is fiercely protective of them and his friends. He does have a dark and violent temper, but this is only seen if he’s being insulted, or his family is threatened. Though his temper may be violent, it is hard to get him angry. He’s extremely competitive, in any sort of matter.

History: Like his younger brother, Erik, Soren’s life was rather cheerful and slow-moving for the most part. He fought with other elves, but never to the death, and he often went hunting, bringing home neat little trinkets to carve or give to Erik.

He was at home when the attack came and did his best to fight back, until the very end. Soren wound up collapsing in the ruins of his home, exhausted and looking around himself for his family. Once he figured out what happened, his main concern was finding his youngest brother and taking him somewhere safe.

Soren wandered aimlessly for awhile until a raven was sent to him. He dutifully followed it to the outskirts of a forest and ignored it when it tried to keep him from going in. He knew that his brother was just beyond the trees; something was telling him so! He pressed on, getting attacked by wolves halfway through and trying to defeat them while keeping an eye out for Erik.

He fell into the village after slaughtering the attacking creatures, curious as to where he was.

RP Sample:
Soren tightened his grip on the wooden shaft of his axe, swinging again at the next wolf that came closer. He growled to himself and narrowed his eyes at the near miss, adjusting his stance quickly. As the creature snarled and attacked again, Soren swung, decapitating the animal. He heard more howls and tensed, hoping that Erik was already out of the forest and into some safety.

He reached up, wiping blood and sweat from his brow as he continued swinging his axe. Soren mentally kept track of the kills, hoping to grab some of these wolves as pelts later. He was slowly, but steadily making his way through the forest, and coming into a valley surprised him enough to let a wolf sink its teeth into arm.

The elf howled and tossed the animal aside, hacking through the next. Soren could see the nearby village not too far from here; hopefully Erik was there, and was alright.


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