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Post  Raivis Aitiņš on Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:58 am

For the first years he'd been in Mythos, Raivis had never really interacted with people. He hadn't made friends, really, he didn't want to! People were scary and he was quite sure some of the people living there would eat him if he crossed their path...being eaten was not one of those pleasant fantasies when arriving at a new town. Now though, Raivis was finding it was a bit lonely, and was daring to even go into the main parts of town...not that he was ready to explore the market or go into a shop yet, the park was just fine for him. He'd found himself a quiet little spot in the shade of a bush, and sat cross legged, watching people pass by.

He felt he wouldn't be noticed, not with the way he he sat people watching, he took note of their quite interesting clothes and outfits. He was...well, impressed! Some clothing was just outlandish, but it was so interesting to him. Raivis felt plain, a bit messy, in the old shirt and pants he'd worn for the past decade. He washed them frequently, and they'd faded quite a bit. The puffy whitish scarf he wore around his neck was a gift he'd gotten from a human girl just before he moved to Mythos, it wasn't so old...but it wasn't eye catching.

Raivis held a basket in his lap, something he'd managed to weave while living out in the forest on the Outskirts of town. He gathered up pretty flowers he saw while walking to the park, and was planning on giving them out to try and make friends. Unfortunately, Raivis was having difficulty approaching anyone, and could only avert his eyes whenever a stranger looked his way. He got anxious when someone walked towards him, and hid his face by staring down into his basket. He did want to make friends, but as of then, he just wasn't sure how...
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