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Dies Irae -- A medieval fairytale RP Empty Dies Irae -- A medieval fairytale RP

Post  Gilbert Beilschmidt on Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:33 pm

((I-i know it's kinda dead, but guuuuys please please give my dead baby a chance ;u; ))

Dies Irae -- A medieval fairytale RP DiesIrae

Dies Irae is a literate RP forum based in Medieval Europe, but with a twist! Magical creatures and figures exist, and although they're at odds with humans, the world is generally a peaceful, if not . . . .odd place. Trolls lurk in the dungeons, and nymphs may even live and prosper in the nearby forests, watching and sometimes secretly aiding the serfs in their fieldwork. And in the meantime, witch hunts on underway, and the clergy are letting power rush to their heads. Maybe, just maybe, who knows? And amongst this world of corrupt officials and magic and sickness, lies the two little villages of Norden and Suden, respectively. Both just little dots on the map of Europe, but both compassing interesting folk, fair or other.

So in these villager's, or fae's lives, what will you do? Cause a witch hunt, incur the local trope's wrath? It's your choice, so do with it as you will.

Just remember.

The Lord of the Manor is watching.

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