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:Character’s Name: Roisin "Rosy" Gallagher



Age (Physical): 23
Age (Actual): Ancient. Time moves differently in the Kingdom Under the Hills, so Roisin can not actually pin point her age in human years. Sufficient to say, she remembers the ancient kings and chiefs of Ireland.
Country of Origin: Ireland


[+] Patience and Perseverance. When you've lived as long as she has, you become very, very patient.
[+] Not easily surprised. She's seen pretty much everything.
[+] Kind. She is very compassionate.
[+] High alcohol tolerance. She can drink just about anyone under the table
[+] Graceful and agile.
[+] Wit. She keeps hers very sharp.
[+] Luck. Generally she is very lucky.
[+] Music. Her voice is bell-like and moving and she can dance to any music.
[+] She is a great listener.


[-] Iron. It burns her skin badly enough that she cannot touch it.
[-] Curiosity. Because she's seen so much in her life, she is insatiably curious when she finds something new and unfamiliar.
[-] Puppy dog eyes. She still gives in everytime.
[-] Grudges. She can hold them for a very long time.
[-] Time management. She's still not used to how this kind of time works.
[-] Organization. It makes sense to her, honest it does.
[-] Lacks physical strength.
[-] Boredom. It is a bad thing if she's bored, for more than just her.


[x] Being alone. It isn't that she minds solitude, she just fears dying alone.
[x] Having her home invaded.
[x] Snakes. Dear lord those things scare her like nothing else.


[?] She is very protective of her mound and very rarely lets anyone in it.
[?] She carries a decorated flask filled with a Sidhe liquor that never runs out.
[?] Sometimes tells "back in my day" stories.
[?] If you are 700 years old or under, she considers you young.
[?] She makes no sound when she walks and leaves no footsteps.
[?] She can tell when someone is close to dying, and will start a keening, wailing sound when near them.
[?] She enjoys playing pranks and pulling tricks on the younger residents of Mythos.
[?] She is more likely to do things for you if you give her a gift.

Appearance: For a duine sídhe, Roisin is actually rather short, standing only 5'4" tall. Her body is slender but she has been generously gifted in her assets. Her limbs are graceful and lithe, and her hands and feet are dainty. Her skin is moonlight pale and artfully dusted with freckles. Her hair is a fiery red color that roles in curls down her back, and although it's wild it never tangles. Her eyes are a jewel green that seem to gleam with an inner light. Her whole being has an ethereal quality to it.

She used to only wear intricately designed gowns that trailed behind her. In modern days though, She prefers to wear tunic like tops and loose fitting pants. She usually goes barefoot, unless she chooses to wear one of her dresses again in a flight of fancy. Then she will wear intricate slippers.

When angered though, her appearance can become harsh and terrible. It is impossible to describe aside from being truly severe. The only other times she appears different are when she shifts to an animal form, usually a white doe. She has not done this much since leaving the mortal realm.


Species: Sídhe (pronounced "shee") also known as the Fair Folk. They are graceful, elven-like creatures that live under the mounds and hills. They are the original people of Ireland and were forced into hiding by invaders. When they sense someone's death approaching, some of the women, known as the bean sídhe or banshee, are seen keening and singing around that person's home. They are known to cast illusions and when angered they can bring about curses and cause food and crops to spoil. The Sidhe have been known to take people into their kingdom where they experience what seems to be a night of feasting and drinking, only to emerge and find a hundred years have passed. They sometimes shift shapes into those of animals.

Place of Residence: A nice grass covered mound (rather a lot like a Hobbit hole). Her round door and windows are hidden from the outside unless she leads you to them herself. The whole living area is subterranean. It is a circular dwelling that is small, but exquisitely decorated in precious materials. It walks the line of being homey while being luxurious.

Occupation: Owner and barkeeper of the Dark Rose Pub.

Stance on Humans: She does not hate them, but she is wary of them.

How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: For nearly 900 years.


Personality: Roisin has a full, brilliant personality. Everything she feels is to the extreme. Her love, her sorrow, her anger, and even her boredom. There is still something a bit detached about her though. She has lived her life in a land of illusions and dreams, it's what she was born into, and she sometimes has trouble relating to more present emotions. She seeks anchors that keep her from drifting back to the Kingdom Under the Hills in the people she comes to care for. By having people close to her, she almost feels through them. Some concepts are still hard for her to grasp, like the fear of death and actual romantic love. She wants to understand them, to really feel them, but in all of her centuries of living she has yet to experience them.

She knows that she is separate from others. Her many years of life have given her a sense of knowing and a sorrow about her. She covers it well, but in moments to herself she lets it show. It's a heaviness that comes from living so long, seeing so much, and remembering it. She has outlived many others that she's known, and wailed for all of them. She lives with the knowledge that she is likely to see many of the people she currently knows die as well. She devotes more of her time to them than herself, because comparatively their time is so much shorter.

She does have a more playful side that delights in good drink, good company, and well laid pranks. She prefers to enjoy her self and indulge her curiosities.

History: History for the Sidhe is a hard thing to define. By virtue of living in the Kingdom Under the Hills the past present and future mix together, making personal timelines indistinct and as hard to navigate as a dream after waking. She does remember that her time there was pleasant, never really pushed to any extremes, but perpetually pleasant. Her times above ground are more clear.

She recalls dancing with lords during Samhain and the maying. Remembers when even the warlords offered her tributes in hopes of her favor. Distinctly recalls every human taken into their mounds. She also remembers when the world around her began changing. Humans began to dismiss her kind or hunt them out and drive them into never leaving the Kingdom. Once, a hunting party tried to bring her down when she was in her doe form. She had always been considered sacred and untouchable in that form, so she was righteously furious. They went home with terrorizing stories, but returned to try and find her the next day. There were no more offerings, only hate.

Eventually it seemed as though she never ventured out of the mounds and slipped into an insubstantial living dream.

She doesn't know how long she drifted through that cyclical life before she heard about it. A place being created for those who were oppressed by humans, where they could never be found. Many of her people were content with their mild existence and didn't spare a thought for this new land, but Roisin could still remember the feeling of real sun on her skin.

So Roisin did what no Sidhe had done in centuries; she left the Kingdom Under the Hills.

Mythos was still young when Roisin reached it. It was strange and she felt very alone. Still, she set up a shop where she could introduce her new fellow citizens to the wonders of Sidhe parties, and made herself a respectable mound which she defends as any good Sidhe would. She found that she enjoyed this new life. She just felt everything more here.

She watched as the town grew old around her and filled with new and wonderful beings. All the while, she remained the same. A strange part of Mythos, as built into it as the cobblestone roads.

RP Sample: The night had been a good one. Roisin stood behind the bar, wiping it down for the last time of the night as she watched her last customer stumble out. He was a regular of hers, a skeleton called Boogie Bones Jones that, and she could not for the life of her figure out how, managed to get drunk nearly every night. She smiled softly to herself. It was odd for the Dark Rose not to have anyone passed out for the night, but tonight Roisin found herself alone.

She let her thoughts drift. It was strange, she remembered his bones being much whiter not so long ago, or had it been longer since then? Sometimes it was so hard to tell. When had he gotten so yellowed? When had the cracks started appearing? She finished stowing away her earnings, the money in one place, the various baubles in another, before locking up and making her way home.

The moonlight caressed her skin like a familiar hand. She spoke softly to herself, greeting the night and all of its usual players. "Hello, my friends," she whispered, voice light and bell-like, "Hello, you well known dreams." At night, Mythos always felt so close to the Kingdom.

Suddenly, she felt a hollow ache in the core of her. She groaned, knowing all too well what it meant. She let the feel drag her towards a house on the side of the street, a sound building inside of her. As she reached the property a keening wail, pained sounding, poured from her throat. Her hands gripped at her loose hair as she stumbled around in a circuit around the house, alternately doubling over on herself and arching herself backwards in an odd manner.

She continued her trek and her cries all night.

In the morning, there was one less resident in Mythos.


Name/Nickname: Rosy
Age: 21
Timezone: Atlantic
RP Experience: I have RPed Rosy for more than a year in various boards
Contact Info: Best to PM me.

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