Is There Any One Who Can Explain This? [Open]

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Is There Any One Who Can Explain This? [Open] Empty Is There Any One Who Can Explain This? [Open]

Post  Former Iberia on Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:47 pm

It was odd, to see the lake be so still this late in the afternoon. She definitely wasn't used to it, especially since it was normally at this time that something would come to feed from the fish in the lake. Of course, it was nice to be alone, but it could only mean bad things that no one was around. Frowning, Aleta looked around, turning in the water to see behind her. She wasn't sure what that was supposed to do, but she still did it.

Huffing at the stillness that wouldn't go away - and then shivering at the strange echo her sound produced - she started swimming towards the shore in hopes of finding someone to explain this to her. That had to be someone who would know. This couldn't be a brand new thing that no one could explain, that would be terrible and frightening. Aleta didn't want that to be the case. And so she would just keep asking people if the first one couldn't help her. It made perfectly logical sense.

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