Variation of a Familiar Theme (Lili and Gil )

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Variation of a Familiar Theme (Lili and Gil ) Empty Variation of a Familiar Theme (Lili and Gil )

Post  Alina Vogel on Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:37 pm

Alina wasn't totally comfortable venturing out on her own. Being alone meant that if she got hurt, no one would know about it. If she got lost, people wouldn't have an idea of where to look. Simply, being alone meant being alone. But at the same time, being alone meant that she wouldn't have to pretend to be comfortable with all of the other residents of Mythos. The minotaurs, the dragons... All of them requiring the same respect that she expected. Not that respecting them would be an issue if so many of them weren't offended when she was startled just by seeing them. She just... Needed more time to get used to that kind of thing.

For now, she needed some time away. Not to mention an opportunity to see what kind of wildlife lived around her new home. Lili hugged her red cloak closer to her body as a cool breeze swept across her skin. It was a bit chillier than she had anticipated, so it was lucky that she had decided to bring the cloak at all. The fabric was thick, but smooth. It had been a gift from her host family. They had told her what the cloak had been made of, but the creature the fabric had come from wasn't one she was familiar with.

Alina's eyes lit up as soon as she saw the first animal she had seen on the trail. It was a bunny! Granted, it was larger than any rabbit she had ever seen before, but not obscenely so. And also, on its head it had a pair of antlers not unlike a deer might have, though sized to be correctly in proportion to the rest of it. But a bunny was a bunny! Her abilities didn't have a download time, she had known had to speak to this animal long before it was in front of her. The only thing that had taken time was the bravery to just start talking to things that didn't usually talk back.

“Hello Mr. Bunny, how are you this afternoon?” The rabbit-like creature looked at her suspiciously, obviously not used to being spoken to in its own tongue by anything but its kin.

”Fine. You're not like me.” It stared. Her angelic blood kept it from being frightened, which perhaps confused it more.

Alina was about to take a step toward it when it dashed away before she had moved a muscle. ”A-ah wait!” She called out before tilting her head. Why had it done that? She sighed and looked in the direction it had last been visible. Maybe she had offended it somehow.

(italics means she was speaking in the jackalopes tongue in case that was ambiguous. )
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Variation of a Familiar Theme (Lili and Gil ) Empty Re: Variation of a Familiar Theme (Lili and Gil )

Post  Gilbert Beilschmidt on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:35 pm

Gilbert was simply wondering around that afternoon, needing a bit of fresh air and relaxation. Ahh, the forest -- natural, clean, and clear of any and all city fumes and grime. It was perfect, and he loved it for it's beauty and simplicity. It reminded him of a home long ago, where things were simple, bloody, and quick.

Oh how he missed those days -- it was so much fun to give those hunters and frightened villagers a run for their money. They didn't even think most times, to look amongst themselves, and to study their own people for the signs of lycanthropy. Granted, it was the simple things they missed -- slightly pointed teeth, odd coloring, juuust a bit more hairy then the average jo.

Yeah, humans were idiots, but atleast he got his kicks -- and this forest. Oh this forest just brought all those wonderful memories back. Maybe he should go back on day and harass a village or two, just for kicks. It's be good exorcise, and alot more fun then cutting hair and managing The Inn's budgets all day long. Infact, it wasn't until Gilbert got a whiff of a strange, strange smell that he finally perked up. Hey, relaxation was all in good fun, but was that i a little girl he smelled? And oddly enough, he thought he smelled a dash of something oddly angelic, but Gilbert took it with a grain of salt and thought that maybe, just maybe, this girl's 'angel' visited her recently.

After all, it was uncommon for him to smell angels here -- they came in from time to time, just like any other slightly metaphysical being. Gently, he peeks through the bushes -- yup, a girl. Blonde hair with a ribbon tied snuggly in it and a pretty pink dress to boot. Ohh, well atleast she was cute -- he even had seen her around town once or twice, right?

Well, it was rude to stalk neighbors, so, after straightening -- and ignoring the odd sounds she made to a ...jackalope? Mutated rabbit? Whatever -- stepped over his hiding place and said in his most well-behaved tone,"Why hello there, princess; what brings you out to this neck of the woods?"
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