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:Character’s Name: Grace Bonnefoy

Grace Bonnefoy Application: WIP Tumblr_lixivnJ6Ht1qzzr31


Age (Physical): 18
Age (Actual): Over 200
Country of Origin: Monaco, Southern France


[+] A very good gambler: Lady Luck is always on her side. Grace enjoys all kinds of betting, be it challenging somebody after their suggestion: (i.e., 'I bet you 10 gold that they won't do it') or just plain old gambling with cards down the tavern.
[+] Extremely rich: Thanks to her incredible luck, Grace is very comfortably well off and can balance her books as well as any professional accountant. However, you'd never know it by the way she lives. Although she will buy the occasional trinket or treasure, she keeps everything rather simple.
[+] Ladylike: An aristocratic mistress raised by a Count and Countess in her hometown, she reserves the right to be called 'Lady Grace Bonnefoy', and will loudly remind anyone who addresses her plainly. Her style and poise are unparalleled.
[+] Language skills: Grace speaks French, English, and Italian fluently. She has also been known to understand a few runic texts. Her motto, however, is that 'money is the international language'.
[+] Intelligence: A remarkably switched on and intelligent girl, Grace reads a lot - not just books and other scriptures, but the situation and body language of her gambling opponents. Her skills with economics and mathematics give her an edge in her chosen profession as a stay at home accountant.


[-] Snobby: Grace doesn't like to associate herself with people she can't relate to, and so this includes the poor, the unwise, and the boorish. She isn't a horrible person, but can be seen as hard to get along with.
[-]Miserly: Money is one of the most important things in life to Grace, the very centre of her world. Her ancestors must have picked this up over their years of liaising with dragons, as her mother is well-known in aristocratic circles as keeping her expenses to a minimum. Grace follows her advice to this day, and will not lend money to anybody, even if they are clearly in need of it.
[-] Smokes like a chimney:


[x]Spiders: Lady Grace will go absolutely ballistic if a spider comes into her vicinity. Methods include rushing out of the room with a shriek and slamming the door, or hopping up on to a chair and throwing an arsenal of whatever is in arm's reach at the poor arachnid.
[x]Thieves: Grace locks all her doors and windows at night, despite living in a secluded area whose path you would have to know like the back of your hand to find. Her fear of thieves gives her many sleepless nights - if she's drifting off to sleep and hears a noise, she'll check everything in the house to assuage her fears, then get back into bed... only for another bump in the night.
[x]Water: Although Monaco is mostly a coastal enclave, Grace is a complete hydrophobe after an accident on her father's boat when she was young. She can swim, but will flail like nobody's business if her head is submerged.


[?] Dragon ear fins: Hidden behind all that thick sandy-brown hair, are a pair of white, pink and purple dragon ear-fins that look almost like a marble painting. She got this trait from her dragon-liaison father, who also wears his hair long and thick. Ever since coming to Mythos, she has worn her hair in a side plait, to draw attention to the fact she isn't totally human, and can feel accepted here.
[?] Likes to knit and sew: An embroidery frame and knitting needles are always near Grace, as she tries to limit the amount she smokes by keeping her hands busy.


Species: A human, but has known about the residents of Mythos since she was a child. Her father's part time job is to liaise with dragons, and so she grew up around tales of these fantastical creatures.
Place of Residence: A small wattle-and-daub thatched roof cottage in the forest.
Occupation: A stay at home accountant.
Stance on Humans: Fine with them.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: Several years, and still getting used to it.


Personality: (At least one paragraph)

History: (At least one paragraph)

RP Sample: (At least two paragraphs)


Name/Nickname: Vivi
Age: 20
Timezone: GMT (England)
RP Experience: I have been RPing since I was about 12.
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