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:Maria Beilschmidt:

Maria Beilschmidt // fem!Pru [DONE] 517585


Age (Physical): 24
Age (Actual): She doesn't know her actual age. As a former angel of God, she has just always been. She can recall the rise and fall of the earliest human civilizations.
Country of Origin: Modern day Germany, in the territory that was originally Prussia. She's very insistent on this.


[+] Confidence ;; Maria is not an easy person to put down or persuade with mere words. With very secure confidence, she shrugs off any sort of insults or challenges or degrading comments; she knows that she would be able to do anything without trouble. She's too “awesome” to not try. She has a very well built self-image as well, not even effected by other forces beside herself. She knows who she is, and will not be influenced by anyone.

[+] Stubbornness ;; Once she has her mind on something, it is extremely difficult to dissuade her. Honestly, you could use that energy for something that would actually happen. You couldn't get Maria to change her mind even if your life depended on it. When she wants something, she gets it through any means necessary – whether this is through lying or cheating and manipulating people or whatever else she can think of at the time – and she won’t stop until she gets it and claims it as hers. This could very well include people.

[+] Affection ;; If there's one word you can use to describe Maria, it's her constant affection. She's always cooing over people and any little fuzzy thing that she's deemed as cute or adorable. Of course, she does have very high standards for these, but once she calls someone cute there's no going back. She'll hug you and squeeze you and touch you constantly for as long as she can, even going as far as licking any place she can reach; if she really likes you, she'll do practically whatever you ask (within reason and her capabilities of awesomeness).

[+] Bluntness ;; When talking, Maria has an uncanny sort of focus. She listens to what's being said, but she will always say what she thinks without any sort of remorse, as subtlety is not her strong point. It could be something hurtful, or sarcastic, or even as an innuendo (she doesn't try too hard to mask these; why yes, she does have a very perverted mind thanks to the many years she's been alive. Nothing fazes her, really). She never pauses to think before speaking, and will most likely not do it no matter how many times she's been asked, because she simply doesn't want to. She will be blunt, and will always be.

[+] Curiosity ;; Maria always wants to know more about people, especially sensitive topics (though not all the time; she's not that much of an asshole). It's usually always people, but there have been some cases where she was actually interested in a subject other than any sort of current projects (this didn't usually happen, however). At that point, she will ask question after question about what she wants to know. She's attentive in this way, but in that annoyingly persistent way, as she won't stop until she knows everything to be satisfied.

[+] Resilience ;; Maria will not be beaten down, no matter what you throw at her. Insult her, beat her, soil her name – nothing will affect her for long. She refuses to let herself be limited, and will rise above it all with her head held high in order to step back on you. She would break down for only a few hours (not that she would admit it) before immediately bouncing back with a smirk on her face, ready to take on the world again. She'll just shrug off what you throw at her, and get back at you later with a nasty “prank-gone-wrong”. She's been alive too long to be affected permanently by one thing.


[-] Impulsive ;; Maria really has no sense of self-control, and she doesn't think of the possible consequences outside of a certain situation or what she's doing currently. She usually doesn't care to; to her, if it doesn't affect doesn't matter to her. She's more of an egocentric person. But lacking in the ability to keep her mouth shut or managing to calm herself down before she did something stupid, Maria has gotten into trouble for it more than once. She never really learns from it though.

[-] Territorial ;; Maria is territorial of what she has claimed as her own, and more often than not it is a human (though of course she is still overly protective of her baby chicks). If you touch what is hers without permission, prepare for a fight. She will castrate you. If not try to break every bone in your body. Having more of a one-track mind if provoked, Maria won’t stop until the appropriate punishment (in her opinion; which is usually just making sure you wouldn’t be able to copulate or walk for a very long time) is given. She is dangerous, and is not quick to forgive.

[-] Impatience ;; Maria is definitely a person who does not like to wait, especially for someone else. She wants everything to go at her pace, all the time without stopping. She prefers to move fast instead of waiting, which bores her quite easily. And the last thing anyone wants to happen is for her to get bored, as then bad things happen.

[-] Kleptomania ;; This is what Maria is most known for. Being on her bad side means that you will fall victim to her either stealing something right from underneath you. She does it so often now that it’s become a very bad habit, one that she doesn’t bother to correct. But she has a need to do it, and most of the time it is hard to control. It pops up mostly when she is bored, and has nothing better to do. It amuses her, in a more sadistic way to see people running around in a panic.

[-] Naivete ;; In a way, Maria is extremely narrow-minded. She doesn’t see outside of her own life, having not ever needed to, and doesn’t want to; in this way, she is naïve about the outside world. Convinced that her “awesome” would be enough, she is always surprised when something unexpected comes up. She doesn’t like to be caught off guard, but it always seems to happen despite her trying to be aware of it. It’s not as if she sees the world in black and white, but she does find it difficult to understand why there is so many turns in life that she hadn’t seen before it happened.


[x] Anything pertaining to religion ;; Churches, crosses, holy water, anything from religion will burn her. It's painful and something she'd rather avoid. If she's exposed long enough to these artifacts she will be severely weakened, though she won't die. Not until an exorcism.

[x] Exorcisms ;; Should be self-explanatory, shouldn't it?

[x] Bugs ;; It's almost ironic that she can face down anything with a straight face and not get scared...but she freaks out when she sees bugs. She should really be used to it after being alive for so long, but she just hates them.


[?] She's a bit of a secret romantic, but it's not like she'll admit in front of you. She reads any book that has a romantic undertone in it...and often hoards it in her tiny apartment, whether she bought it or just borrowed it from someone.

[?] She likes glasses, for some reason. This human invention fascinates her. She doesn't really need them, but she's fond of wearing them around her home. She has all sorts of trinkets she's collected from humans over her long years somewhere in her apartment, and she's still able to tell you every single detail. Never tell her that everything she has is useless; she'll throw a fit and try to bite you.

[?] Maria likes to think of herself as some master strategist and could spin a wonderful plan from out of nowhere...but she's usually too impulsive and impatient to actually follow through with it. Just a chaotic soldier, she is.

Appearance: Eye Color → Crimson, that shifts from light to dark depending on her mood. The darker the color, the more emotion she is feeling (usually anger). Her eyes always reveal her emotions even if she tries to hide it. They are also shaped like a cat's, giving her very acute vision.

Hair Color → Silver, though it could also be called a very light blond. She denies this; she’s too awesome to be blonde! And too awesome to be compared to stupid teenagers.

Height → 5’2’’

Weight → ~110 lbs

Skin Tone → Pale, much paler than a normal human would be.

Defining Features → Her main defining feature is her silvery-blond hair that reaches down to her waist. It is usually twisted into a braid but is never curled, straightened, or pinned up. It is the first way to identify her. Her second unique feature is the small, unusually pointed teeth that she just loves to show off, if only to see people freak out. There are also medium-sized horns hidden in her hair, and a thin tail beneath her clothing. And her hands might be clawed as well. She is also very curvaceous.


Species: Fallen Angel/Demoness ;; As an angel of chastity, she was very beautiful, and she is still -- even as a Demon of Lust and Pride. She uses her unearthly beauty to draw humans close to her, able to easily trick them into making contracts with her. She takes what she wants, being very sneaky about it. Everything about her holds temptation; at least until she reveals her demon side. She is a fearsome creature when shedding her human skin. Her skin is scaly and grotesque looking, an unnatural sort of color, and large shark's teeth fill her mouth; her eyes become a deeper red, and her overall appearance becomes more predatory, almost catlike. The people who have made contracts with her have seen her demon side. Though Maria has a certain fondness for changing into this form as intimidation. Her crueler side is more evident when she is in full demon form.

Maria's main job as a demon is to form contracts -- with humans mostly, but there have been other creatures who wanted to make a deal with her. In exchange for sacrifices, she lends them her power; she sticks close to this person, and won't leave them alone until the contract is done. Expect constant teasing. She's a very persistent demon.

Place of Residence: Apartment

Occupation: Co-Owner of The Inn and employee at the Hairy Clips

Stance on Humans: Doesn't really care about them too much. Maria is a bit racist towards humans and thinks they're all stupid with tiny brains, but they're so fun to mess with. Humans easily entertain her.

How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: About 700 years.


Personality: Maria has the upmost and extreme confident in herself, and only herself. No matter what you say, she will never be brought down; she always bounces back with more confidence than she had before. It’s amazing that she hasn’t run out of that yet; Maria has said herself that she has an endless supply of “awesome”, because the world would be destroyed before she loses it. She doesn’t conform herself to fit society; it is of her opinion that society should fit her instead. She won’t change her attitude for anyone. The Prussian also has a severe lack of manners for the most part, acting rather coarse most of the time, and doesn’t really care to fix it. She spits at anyone who gives her “cutesy” nicknames; she’s not that much of a girl, and will hit anyone who claims otherwise. Also being rather vain, Maria is particular about her appearance – and no touching the hair. You will regret it if you do so without her explicit permission. It is a sign of trust and affection if she lets you touch her hair.

She takes on leadership – with or without force, and usually quite easily too (she takes advantage over anything that can be used against someone, and is quite a persuader if needed) – and will step all over someone to get what she wants. She is incredibly stubborn and there is nothing that can change her mind once it is set and she refuses to let herself be put down; as a free “awesome” spirit, she will do what she wants, when she wants. She is very impulsive; thinking things through has never been her favorite thing to do, and quite frankly it bores her completely. Never mind that she gets bored quite easily if there’s nothing to entertain her. She'll do anything to amuse herself (tricking people is her favorite past-time). And if she has nothing to do within a reasonable time, she turns to her kleptomaniac – it’s funny to her to see people’s faces when something is stolen from right under their noses (or rather, she just likes the way something looks and takes it for herself) – tendencies. She’s rather unpredictable with this, and her behavior is hard to understand at times.

Meeting someone for the first time means that they will be subjected to her prodding and exploring and questioning (rather, the Prussian inquisition – she likes to think of herself as a general) until she has figured out every single detail she wants to know, and if she likes you – if you’re cute or adorable by her (very) high standards, you pass – she won’t be shy about showing affection at all, and it doesn’t matter to her if it makes you uncomfortable or not. She’s easily amused by people’s reactions. However, she gets horribly embarrassed, quite easily, if that affection is turned back to her; so much so that she really has no idea how to act aside from attempting to hit at them. It should also be known that she gets jealous quite easily; anyone touching what is hers will find themselves with a broken finger if they don’t back off – and yes, this includes people. Be careful to not get on her bad side; she will hit and curse and scream at you. She holds a grudge for a very long time, and is definitely not quick to forgive.

She’s very blunt as well; she will always tell you her very honest opinion, and doesn’t really care if would hurt your feelings or not. And while she denies being so, she is rather openly emotional part of the time, and wears her emotions on her sleeves. You can tell almost immediately what she’s feeling at any given time. She can also act a bit naïve, as things humans do still tend to confuse her, though she covers this up with her usual attitude and fast words. She also has a tendency to make a simple comment into an innuendo; she is somewhat of a pervert and voyeur, after all.

History: Maria had originally been formed as an Angel of Chastity, at the very beginning of time. Recalling the very earliest human civilizations, she watched with fascination as humans shifted between living peacefully together and warring amongst each other mercilessly. She had always been curious of why humans acted the way they did, but she could hardly leave Heaven to observe them more closely.

There had always been a cocky side to her, more so than most Angels, and Maria was usually scolded by her superiors. She was told to be more humble, and while she attempted to do so grudgingly, she didn’t like it too much. It was her own personality; why did she have to change it? She did enjoy the perks of being in Heaven though, not so sure if she wanted to be on Earth with those war-mongering, violent humans. But it wasn’t as if she could deny the temptation of wanting to fight, to live in their every conflict and spill blood.

But then came the Fall. Maria had been persuaded to join Lucifer’s side as he faced down God with promises of unbelievable power, burning with fierce pride and the desire to show her full potential to those who had looked down on her. The want of power fueled her in the clash between the two sides, able to strike down anyone in her way quickly and mercilessly. She wouldn’t have to bow down to anyone again. But she was cast down from Heaven, along with Lucifer and half of the Angels, and was forced to wander Earth.

Maria lost track of time at this point. She traveled mostly in the territory that would become the German states, particularly in the area that would form as Prussia, finding herself at home there even as the world remained peaceful or tore itself apart with terrible wars. There were times when she disguised herself as a male human, taking on the name Beilschmidt, and joined in the fighting, or lent her power to generals to push wars into one direction over another. She always had some part in every large conflict in eastern Europe, and it rather amused her to see humans do anything it took to gain power.

It was during the medieval ages when she found Mythos. The town was a safe haven to her, and she was able to stay there away from the humans who wondered why she never seemed to get sick even during the bubonic plague, when she was around those infected quite often. Though that was only because she wanted to see if she could form contracts with them. She had always found it quite enjoyable to drag those hapless humans down to Hell with her.

While she continuously snuck back into the human world, she had found a home in Mythos – where she didn’t have to hide the fact that she was indeed a Fallen Angel. She watched many people come and go from the hidden town, which included an albino who looked similar to her. His name was Gilbert, and the two quickly became friends – even if they argued quite often. She became a co-owner for his Inn, and an employee at his hair salon.

RP Sample: [From Perfect Enemy, a suspense RP]

Maria grinned, easily caught up in his excitement with a bounce in her step. Maybe today they would be able to find Ludwig, and not be chasing after some nerdy little kid who had caught their investigative eye. That had been annoying. She knew she could trust her awesome instincts for this one; every part of her being was screaming to just run, run and find this Ludwig Reinhardt person.

Matching Gilbert’s stride easily (it didn’t really matter if she was a couple inches shorter than him), she made a face at him and stuck her tongue out as he patted her head. Sometimes she hated being the younger sibling – and only by a few minutes, too! It made her feel like such a little kid when her twin did that. But at the same time, she was unbelievably happy to have him here with her. Maria had been completely terrified that she wouldn’t ever see him again; and now she wasn’t going to let go. Not ever. They were twins, never meant to be separated.

Ja, ja, I know,” she said in response to his reassurances, leaning her head slightly against his shoulder. The younger Prussian sighed softly in content, marching by his side as they moved quickly through the campus. Confidence brewed in her chest and refused to die down. The first thing she would do when it was actually their little bruder, she would tackle him to the ground and kiss at his face. Maybe she was a little sappy, but hey – she hadn’t seen him in years. Maria had done the same to Gilbert.

She laughed at the question, holding her head up again as her spirits lifted even higher. She couldn’t believe that this was actually real. Maria didn’t doubt this situation now; it would mess up the awesomeness of it, and with her twin here beside her the sheer amount of awesome guaranteed success. “Ja, he probably still looks as if he has a stick up his ass, kesesese~! Maybe we should get that out of him, eh~?” Smirking, she was mostly joking; but only her twin knew that. Though she was very tempted. Maybe they could set Ludwig up for a date! That was an awesome idea.

She was struck by a random thought, pursing her lips as she contemplated. “You think he wears glasses? He used to wear ‘em when he was a kid.” Maria glanced at her twin in question, remembering how Ludwig wore reading glasses from the time they still lived together. He probably looked amazing in them, her handsome little bruder (though she still fondly recalled how adorable he looked when he first had them). She wondered if he had a girlfriend – or even a boyfriend. That would be interesting to see.

Maria opened her mouth to voice this second question when suddenly Gilbert shifted his hold on her arm, grabbing her hand instead. She blinked as he grinned at her, her own lips curving automatically into the same shit-eating smile as she tilted her head. “That guy?” The Prussian cast a glance around and quickly found the man her twin must have been talking about.

Her eyes widened and for a brief moment, she was frozen. It was him! It was Ludwig! Feeling tears fill her eyes but ignoring them, Maria emitted a small laugh of disbelief and wonder. “We did it, twin,” she murmured back to him as she squeezed his hand. “Let’s go, kesesese~!”

Following her twin into a tackling hug that nearly knocked him over, Maria clung to the blond man’s shoulders tightly and pressed her face into his hair. He even smelled like Ludwig, West – and oh gott, was she crying now? She was too awesome to cry – but this…they found their little brother!

“West…” she whispered, digging her fingers into his shirt.


Name/Nickname: Chibi
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Contact Info: PMs should be fine. -- and boogie.
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