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Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

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Age (Physical):25
Age (Actual):1029 (Ages about 1 year for every 42 normal years)
Country of Origin:Spain

[+]Charm: When you spend a few hundred years stealing things, hoarding treasure and eating the occasional person you eventually learn how to get and stay on people’s good side.
[+]Fire: Breathing it isn’t exactly the most useful skill one can have nowadays, but you never know when it’ll come in handy
[+]Memory: He may not be the smartest being around, but he’ll remember almost everything he learns.
[+]Optimism: He can find some reason to like just about anything and anyone if he needs to.
[+]Toughness: Incredibly thick scales translate into surprisingly thick skin. He might not be invincible, but you’re in for a great deal work if you decide that stabbing/decapitating/cutting/etc. are routes you want to take with him.

[-]Cold: He can’t stand it and is practically unable to function in it. He avoids cold places and weather like the plague.
[-]Creepiness: He’s a friendly person-sometimes a bit overly so, especially around beings that are particularly pretty/cute and close friends. If he invites you to come live with him it’s less likely to be because he’s trying to proposition or eat you and more likely to be because he wants to add you to his collection.
[-]Laziness: He just likes to get through his day with as little movement as possible, that’s not too bad right?
[-]Observation skills: His are somewhat lacking. He tends to miss important things or say things that are situationally inappropriate because he won’t even bother to try and figure out what’s happening around him.
[-]Pretty things: He’s loves them, is easily distracted by them and will do just about anything to get them.

[x]Bread: Its not really a phobia-its more an unhealthy suspicion. You can't really blame him though-the pins/burning rock hidden in the bread trick has been used on him a lot and it wasn't particularly amusing the first time around.
[x]Drowning: He’s spent most of his life living on or around water but he’s still terrified that one day it’ll swallow him up and he won’t be able to get out.
[x]Thieves: They’re a threat to his collection and thus he considers them a threat to his well being as well.
[x]Midsummer: His powers don’t work and he’s stuck in his human form on this day. Add to it the fact that this is generally viewed as the best day to go after a member of his species and their horde and you’ve got enough to make anyone paranoid.

[?]Crosses:He's fond of them for reasons he doesn't quite understand and has a large number of them.
[?]Hoarding: What he refers to as his “collection”. It started out as just gold, but eventually it grew to include a number of other, less useful things. Sure, there are a lot of valuable things still there but he’s more of pack rat than a treasure keeper these days.
[?]Limbs:He's really big on his. Despite the fact that he doesn't particularly like moving he does enjoy walking and is prone to dramatic gestures just for the sake of them when talking.
[?]Paranoia: He’s reasonably sure most people are out to get him or his collection-not that’s he’s really trying to do anything about it.
[?]Romances: He’s a complete sucker for them. Books, plays, movies-he’s got bunches of them.

In his human form, Antonio looks fairly normal at a distance. He stands at about 5’10 with green eyes, curly brown hair and fairly tan skin. If you get a bit closer his less normal features become easier to spot. The most obvious thing is the wings. They’re the same make as a bats and a blood red in color. If one were to look closely at his skin they would notice a faint pattern of scales that never quite goes away. While you’re invading his personal space to get a look at these you may also notice that he has a mouth completely full of sharp, pointed teeth and no finger or toe nails to speak of.

In his dragon form, Antonio is more or less a large snake. With the exception of the wings (which are considerably larger in this form) he has no limbs. He is roughly sixty feet (a little over eighteen meters) long from head to tail. The entirety of this length is covered in scales, most of these are gold, but there are some red, green and silver ones as well. His eyes are a brighter shade of green here and have no pupils.


Antonio is cuélebre-a large, serpentine form of dragon originating in the northern part of Spain. They are said to be colorful with large,bat like wings and scales that become thicker and more impenetrable as they grow older. Generally they move very little and keep stores of treasure and occasionally fairies. They live in caves which are normally near or under lakes and springs.
They prefer normal food and will forgo eating cattle and people if it’s available-red hot stones and bread containing pins can be fed to them to kill them.

The creatures breathe fire,sulfur and brimstone in like stereotypical dragon form. Their spit turns to stone and these stones are believed to be able to cure a large number of illnesses.
here is some magical ability that can be used in casting spells though this ability disappears on midsummer and increases dramatically on the night of Saint Bartholomew.
Place of Residence: He lives in a small house at the edge of lake Eerie. More specifically he lives in the basement of this house as the top part of it is almost completely empty and used very rarely.It was there when he moved into town and since no one seemed to know who owned it he took up residence there.
Occupation: Librarian at Nosforatu Mythos Academy
Stance on Humans: He isn't very fond of them but has no real problem with them, but he also has no real problem eating one of them if he gets hungry enough either.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: 63 years


Personality: Antonio is a pretty happy person for the most part. He’s considerably friendlier than most people would have you believe of dragons. His outgoing nature doesn’t extend to everyone however and there is the occasional person or situation that will make him behave rather harshly. Nor does it mean that he’s always nice either, as he has no problem with stealing from or coercing things out of people who consider him a friend.While he may not be the most observant person around he is by no means completely clueless and he can be a little paranoid at times.

The first few centuries of his life are somewhat vague for him. The very first thirty years or so of his life were spent in a semi-awareness of things happening outside of his egg. Like most members of his race he found himself alone when he hatched in an area that was mostly unsettled with only the impression of a name to go on. It was several centuries before the dragon grew to any significant size and he spent most of that time living near small rivers lakes and surviving on plants and fish.

Somewhere between his 400th and 500th birthday he hit a growth spurt and had to go out and seek larger prey. This ended up leading to his first encounter with cows…and the humans who owned said cows and didn’t appreciate having them eaten. Most of his next few meetings with the humans didn’t go particularly well either, with several skeletal cows, a few items of value stolen from the village and one cuélebre figuring out just how quickly he could get away from a mob with torches and pitch forks.

Eventually the people in this village grew wise to some of his weaknesses. When he found himself stuck in his human form one midsummer having been poisoned and with most of his collection stolen he decided that it was probably time to move on. Over the next hundred years or so he moved from place to place. Most places didn’t seem thrilled by his presence. Some actually permitted him to stay for a while in return for not terrorizing their people or animals.

It was around this time that he ran into his first non-human, a woman a few centuries older than himself. The two bonded rather quickly and he came to regard her as his mother. Eventually the two decided that it would best for them to separate and they parted ways.

Around his 800th birthday he grew restless and moved out to the ocean, taking his collection to a cave on what was more or less a deserted rock. One day he noticed that his collection was growing faster than he was building it. A bit of staking out lead him to discover that there were pirates using his rock as their storage place. His first instinct was to eat them and be done with it, but the Captain somehow talked him into joining up with them. The next few hundred years of his life were spent raiding ships in both his pirate and human forms. After a while the crew and its member’s children and grandchildren had died off and the collection on the rock was completely his.

A little after his 900th birthday he went to go visit the place where he’d buried his egg shell. He was surprised to find that the uninhabited stretch of land now boasted a rather large city. A while of wandering eventually led him to what he was looking for. Now, of course, there was a church over it though. Antonio spent a few months haunting this church before one of the nuns noticed that he wasn’t exactly human (he’d learned to conceal his wings long before). This nun just happened to be another creature-though he never did figure out exactly what kind-and it wasn’t long before she told him about mythos. A few weeks later he bid her good bye and went to seek the town out.

RP Sample: (Swiped from a site where I used to be doctor!Spain)
He was supposed to be on break right now. He would be on his lunch break, if one of the nurses hadn't caught him before he left and practically begged him to take over her shift watching the court yard. It had sounded urgent-really, how could he refuse that? Not that Antonio minded all that much, he'd just been planning to take a quick nap in his office anyway, and the nurses were great people-made his life a lot easier-it was always nice to help one of them out.

It wasn't the nicest day out, overcast, humid slightly chilly-it was probably going to rain soon. Actually, that probably explained why it was so empty at what was normally a busy time of day, it wouldn't be good at all all the work done to make a patient feel better was undone by the weather...Ah well, less work for him.

The Spaniard couldn't help but feel bad for them though-the hospital could get depressing at times. Sure, sterilized environments were clean, but they weren't very comfortable or welcoming, one could almost believe everyone was dead with what with all the quiet. It was probably ten times more eerie when one was confined to a bed and couldn't get up and see that all the other people around were alive and (not all that) well. He didn't remember the hospitals in Spain being like this when he was a little kid...maybe his memory was bad...

He considered one of the rose bushes.'how much would the landscapers mind if I cut some of those? Hmmm....' he considered the idea for a few minutes and decided against it, they usually didn't like it when he messed with their plants, even when he had a good reason. Eventually he was going to convince them that it was in the hospitals best interest for them to grow tomatoes out here.

The dark haired man yawned boredly, munching on one of the aforementioned fruits and watching a turtle swim around the pond. He could always catch one of those and take it on his rounds with him....


Name/Nickname: Nyo
Age: 18
Timezone: -5 GMT
RP Experience: 5 years in total. A little under 3 in the Hetalia fandom as Spain, Romano, Veniziano (and Femtalia), Prussia (And fem!Prussia) and France.
Contact Info: Puppeteer_nyo (That’s both Skype and msn. The latter is

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