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:Pavel Petrescu:

Pavel Petrescu - Romania Tumblrlnzn4xqkta1qmz5oc


Age (Physical): 27
Age (Actual): 458
Country of Origin: region of Transylvania, Romania


[+] Good runner, supernaturally fast - He's here and now he's there!
[+] Skilled with black magic, specifically blood rituals and minor mayhem - What else are you going to do with the blood you don't get around to drinking?
[+] Very suave - The vampiric charm can work its way into many a heart
[+] Attractive looking - Just look at those soullessful eyes and how they glitter with life~
[+] Laid back - He doesn't let much of anything bother him, except particular things.


[-] Sunlight - It kind of kills him, like the worst sunburn ever and then dying
[-] Only one fang - It's kind of a bummer for biting
[-] Bad liar - He'd feel bad if he told you that it was a lovely dress when you looked like a wanna-be Lady GaGa
[-] Prone to apathy - Being so laid back can make you care about nothing if you're not careful. He also blames everything on Chaos if he doesn't want to fess up to it.
[-] Selfish - It's all about number one, isn't it? Of course it is!
[-] Hamsters - He just hates hamsters, especially Russian Dwarf Hamsters, the little bastards.
[-] Wooden stakes - Well, duh.
[-] Mirrors - He hates mirrors because he can't see himself.
[-] Garlic - It gives him the worst rash... It's a shame he likes it so much.
[-] Churches - He can't go without getting a bad rash, not that he really wanted to go anyway. No, your crosses won't stop him. Put those away, you look stupid waving them around at him.
[-] Invitations - He has to be invited into private residences, however, once invited, he can come and go as he pleases.


[x] Dentists - What if they want to remove the only fang he has left?!
[x] Diseased blood - You wouldn't want food infected with worms, would you?
[x] Wooden stakes - Right through the heart and it is night-night for good
[x] Being unable to get out of the sun - Crispy, crispy Pavel~


[?] Generally chaotic - He claims the blood is ruled by "chaos" and more than certainly acts like it
[?] Romantic - Enjoys tender moments with others and strong emotion, even if it is fleeting
[?] Hates only having one fang - It's like only having one testicle.
[?] Flamboyant - He can be quite faaaaabulous~
[?] Plays up the "Dracula" gag - What chick doesn't think that's sexy?
[?] Smashes blood vials instead of just opening them - It's more dramatic, he says!
[?] Carries a straw frequently - How else do you suck up blood with only one fang? Stick the straw in the hole!
[?] Smashes mirrors somewhat indiscriminately - Well, when you get frustrated by the fact that you can't see yourself in them...
[?] Says "queer" a lot - It feels better on the tongue to say than "odd".
[?] Likes really shiny American pennies - Only the SHINIEST ones
[?] Disorganized - He knows where everything is, you don't.

Appearance: He looks just like the picture, in fact. Remember, he's only got the one fang (the right one)! He will also frequently walk around dressed in completely random outfits that are fabulously colorful and mismatched. However, since he can really only come out at night, he wears a blacked hooded cloak with a full face mask that's divided in the middle vertically (one half is white and the other is black) and gloves whenever he has to move about during the day.


Species: Vampire and Dark Magician

As a vampire, he gains the obvious near immortality and eternal youth. He also gains super speed and can seemingly randomly appear out of anywhere, even though it's more likely he just crossed the distance quickly before you noticed. There are only a couple things that can kill him: sunlight and a stake through the heart. Garlic (which sucks because he likes the taste) and churches just give him rashes. Holy water does nothing but make him upset because you got his clothes all wet. Crucifixes, please, put them away, they do nothing.

He also has to feed at regular intervals, but due to having but one fang, he has to just poke a hole in the "victim" and stuff a straw in there coated with anti-coagulant so he can actually suck the blood up. Nothing particular bad happens if he doesn't have blood other than he starts to get thin after three days and gets frail after a week. It won't kill him, no, but he will be miserable and all kinds of cranky. He can have solid foods and other drinks, but they aren't really digested that well, so he just tends not to have them.

As a dark magician, he specializes in blood rituals (especially ones that summon demons, cause mayhem, damage things, and just fuck with your day in general). The arts he uses are generally looked down upon as barbaric or unethical, but he does get a slight reprieve from the stigma for being a vampire as his access to blood is a necessity, therefore why not use the extra for magical purposes? He still gets flack from other more "righteous" magicians for it though. The blood, however, almost always corrupts the spell in some way, such as making any damage caused more lasting/more harmful or making some sort of positive spell (if he felt so inclined) not as effective as it could be or giving it some weird side-effect. Essentially the blood adds Chaos into the mix.

Place of Residence: A small stone hut on the lakefront, enchanted to have unending amounts of space within
Occupation: Demonic Components Supplier - He summons the demons, kills them, takes them apart and sells you the pieces. His place of business is his home out on the lakefront and he takes payment in anything shiny, special or otherwise interesting... especially really shiny American pennies.
Stance on Humans: Tasty little bastards
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: 430 years



Pavel is the kind of guy who seems to be... off when you first see him. He will do things seemingly randomly, as though there were no pattern to it. In fact, there is a logical reason behind most of the things he does and even if there isn't, he'll claim the logic is "Chaos." The smashed mirrors he leaves in his wake are from being unable to see himself in them for centuries. The kicked hamsters are because he got bit by one. The blood magic is because he has extra blood laying around. The random gestures, loud clothing, and broken... things are because he feels more comfortable giving into the demands of Chaos, an ideal that he seems to practically worship at times.

He's friendly and actually really smooth when talking... when he feels like it. It isn't uncommon for him to be seen hitting on women and men alike in the evenings and nights when he comes into town to do... well, whatever it is that he wants to be doing in town. He doesn't get too terribly close to people though, considering he never really figured out how to be nice beyond serving his own needs. Pavel also does enjoy romantic moments with others and feeling like he loves another being, but accepts that these moments are fleeting because he is incapable of emotional stability.

He's also not above doing some magic just for the purpose of bothering you for his own amusement. However, he will not cause harm to a sentient creature... just annoy them.

The bottom line with Pavel: expect the unexpected and don't expect him to care.


Born almost five centuries ago, Pavel lived in the prime time of European myth. Stories abounded left and right regarding knights, princesses and monsters of yore. He was an orphan, born to humans of unknown name and origin in the heart of Transylvania. He was taken in by a seemingly nice gentleman named Petre Cosminescu who'd dubbed the young boy Pavel from infancy. The man found Pavel as nothing more than a squirming babe in cloth on the front step of his secluded forest home. No one knows who or what left the infant there.

The boy was raised in the arts of dark magic. This was one of the reasons Petre lived in seclusion. No one trusted him as far as they could throw him. Pavel became his apprentice almost as soon as he could speak and toddle about. The major difference in their magical workings however was that Pavel always caused harm for his amusement with no lasting damage, while he master, Petre, was known for committing atrocious acts with his powers for the sheer purpose of experimentation.

As he grew up, Petre eventually vanished from the hut. He told the young man, who was around twenty-two at the time, that he was going to head on a trip for a few weeks to get some more supplies from neighboring villages that did not know them. Unfortunately, Petre never came back. About four weeks after his master left, Pavel became worried and went out to follow his tracks, hoping to find what had become of the man. All he found was an exsanguinated corpse that bore a strong resemblance to Petre and some... man nearby organizing what looked to be bottles and flasks of... blood.

Confronting the stranger about what happened here, the stranger attacked. Caught completely off guard and unprepared, unable to focus enough to fight back magically or otherwise, he was mortally wounded ... bleeding to death on the moss in the forest from bite wounds in his throat. He would have only died if the stranger left him there, but no... The stranger slit his own arm and dripped some blood into Pavel's mouth as he died. This... this was the key that made him wake up seemingly hours later under a pall in the woods, the cloth shielding him from the sunlight.

Three years he spent figuring out what he was... Three years to know how to make use of his blessed curse... Three years to train in that little stone hut all by himself. Three years before a spell backfired and blew up the hut, launching him through time and space as a freak side-effect right into the town square of Mythos.

The rest, as they say, is history... Except that one mediocre dentist in the town who pulled out his left fang for no reason. Needless to say, he doesn't work there anymore.

RP Sample:

"Nu!" a snappy voice cracked as the voice's owner was toppled back over a carefully messed up table by little blue glowing speck that was flitting about. The pixie just giggled at him as Pavel crashed to the floor, knocking his spell-book out of his hands. Pixies were always difficult. He needed to kill one for a special order of bones for some sort of balm and this one in particular that he'd summoned was being a distinct pain in his rear end. They always gave him a run for his money, especially since he normally didn't summon non-demons. The blood he'd used in the ritual tended to make the ones he got more mischievous than your average already mischievous pixie.

Pavel stood up slowly, brushing himself off and groaning as the Pixie danced about from one side of the room to the other. Good thing he'd summoned her in the tiny ritual room otherwise he'd never find her in his hut. "This is silly," he muttered, raising one arm and holding his hand, fingers extended towards the bouncing blue ball. He'd tried to catch her in a cage earlier, but it was becoming clear that wasn't going to work.

The mage snickered, the one fang glittering in the light, as blue-white blazes of electricity arced from his fingertips to the pixie. They crackled in the air as the little bitch fried in flight before dropping to the ground, at which point Pavel lowered his arm, drawing it towards himself with pride. "You had to play the hard way, didn't you~?"


Check the Russia application as I am the same deranged boogieman.

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