Like a Cute ( and Delicious ) Sheep [ Alfred + Raivis ]

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Like a Cute ( and Delicious ) Sheep [ Alfred + Raivis ] Empty Like a Cute ( and Delicious ) Sheep [ Alfred + Raivis ]

Post  Alfred F. Jones on Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:54 pm

Sometimes it seemed kind of pointless to have wings if he was just going to walk everywhere. This didn't really bother Alfred, though, because he enjoyed the slow pace, taking in his surroundings. He was heading toward town from his house in the forest, but he didn't have a particular place in town that he was going to. He didn't feel the need to rush, and for that reason, he didn't feel the need to fly. In fact, he was walking pretty slow at the moment.

Walking slowly made him feel as if his house was deeper in the forest than it really was. It had been years since he first came to Mythos and now he was starting to regret where he built his home. Back then, though, he had been too afraid of the other people to considering living in the town. Now that he knew that no was planning to hurt him ( or he didn't think so, at least ), he was kind of considering abandoning his home in favor of getting an apartment.

All thoughts died when Alfred noticed something, or someone, up ahead. It wasn't unusual to see others on the outskirts of town, so he wasn't particularly surprised. He was going to avoid walking near them, like he would do with most anyone he didn't know, as he was still slightly paranoid when it came to unfamiliar people. Although, there was something about this person that was... oddly adorable. Curious to get a better look, he decided not to avoid them and continued forward.
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Like a Cute ( and Delicious ) Sheep [ Alfred + Raivis ] Empty Re: Like a Cute ( and Delicious ) Sheep [ Alfred + Raivis ]

Post  Raivis Aitiņš on Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:57 pm

Mythos was pretty new to Raivis. He had only been there for about three years, and he was still trying to find a place for himself in the community. In his old home, he hadn't lived in a home, he'd stayed out in fields...back in the old day, he could still get in to farms without being attacked by humans, and rest with the sheep. He liked sheep. He looked like a sheep! Sheep were the first parents he could remember, they were his family, and he was their protector! Or at least...he was. Until humans chased him from his home- which left him here, wandering the outskirts of Mythos.

Not many knew him, Raivis wasn't the most social, only leaving the outskirts of Mythos when he failed to find food. The idea came to him just recently, to grow himself a little garden. It'd be much easier than having to ask for food...and it'd be fun! Raivis enjoyed gardening. He scurried in and out of a couple of bushes, gathering up twigs and sticks to line his garden. He didn't have materials, but he still wanted it to look nice! Scooting along with his bare feet, Raivis glanced up just in time to see...oh...was that a person? Someone was coming his way...

Raivis hid. He ducked back into the bush and peered out quietly, his ears twitching and listening carefully as the man approached. He had horns too, Raivis noted, but...they didn't look like his own horns! They were a bit more ominous than his. Or at least, that's the way Raivis' overreacting mind descried them. He hoped he hadn't been seen, and crouched in the bush, watching with those wide violet eyes he had.
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