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Francis Bonnefoy

Francis Bonnefoy - La France {Done!} 10768080_m


Age (Physical): 25
Age (Actual): around 700 years old
Country of Origin: France


[+] Shape shifting, disguises.
[+] Reading people
[+] Attentive
[+] Cooking
[+] Gardening
[+] Lying
[+] Seducing


[-] Beautiful girls, Francis loves beauty, but when it comes to ladies he turns into a true (and somewhat obedient) gentleman.
[-] Gives in easily to temptations
[-] technology
[-] Arrogance
[-] Conflicts, he's doesn't like serious confrontations, but he doesn't mind teasing people.
[-] Being ignored, it annoys him to no end, and he'll most likely try to draw attention to himself.


[x] Hunters - A long time ago Francis used to aid hunters in his forest, but in one of his visits to a neighboring land, he was chased by a group of men who hunted foxes fro sports. Since then all hunters in his forest could never catch a kill.
[x] Lumberjacks
[x] Cars
[x] Termites - Francis once had a terrible nightmare that his insides were being eaten alive by termites.
[x] Losing someone dear to him


[?] Huldra's tend to be kind to those who treat them well, but for those who cross their paths and disrespect them can expect a lifetime long grudge. Francis tends to figure out what this person who crossed him likes or needs to do and then be certain to impair them as much as possible. For example once a traveler got lost in his forest, Francis revealed his true form to the traveler, and the traveler sneered and attacked Francis. The traveler never escaped Francis' forest. He died there and became food for the wolves.

[?] If in his male form Francis tends to be more attracted to women, its just how it is. But whenever a man catches his eyes, or truly perks his interest. he might lose himself for a moment and turn into a woman. A long time ago he used to revert to true form, ears, tail, bark everything, but now he manages to look like a regular human woman instead. He normally changes right back before anyone else notices, but if they do, the Huldra would just laugh it off and walk away.

[?] The people who fall for the Huldra experience a wonderful one night stand. And that's just the thing, Francis hardly ever sleeps with the same person twice. So the day after the morning normally goes as fallows. A beautiful Huldra walks into the room with a tray for breakfast, kisses the person goodbye and tells them to leave after they've eaten and taken a shower.


Francis has many appearances. But he doesn’t indulge many people with them. For the Huldra each of his appearance demands a separate life, he likes to pretend they are disconnected from each other.

His most common appearance is that of a man in his early twenties. He has broad shoulders, giving him a lean and almost too thin of a frame. His hair is kept long, ending at the base of his neck, the yellow hair is well kept and has a slight wave. On some days and for some people, Francis could also be spot as a woman. He chooses this form rarely as it is too similar to his true form. But when he is a she, she enjoys her own well placed vanity.

Many nights Francis tends to change his appearance into that of a fox. He wonders around the city, happy to observe the nightly ongoing when he himself isn’t in the mood to participate. The red fox tends to overhear private matters or witness them. A long time ago when he used to wonder around the outskirts of a town in the Human world he would see terrible acts of cruelty and the gold coloured orbs would watch from a safe distance.

The Huldra’s true form is shown only for special occasions. Francis himself has a love-hate relationship with it. On the one hand he is a beautiful woman, one that would lure any man to bed. Despite the ears and fox tail, in fact many men and women have commented on how its endearing qualities seemed to mesh with his seductive qualities perfectly. But on the hand, he is empty. His back empty like that of a hallow tree, covered with bark. It frightens Francis. The emptiness within his chest, he can’t ignore it when he’s in this form. To comfort himself, he started to grow flowers in his back.

Now in any of his forms, a scent of fresh growing lilies follows him.



A Huldra is a secretive being of the forest, who can change their appearance at will. Normally they are limited to different forms of themselves. Each Huldra is unique in their own way, and it is uncommon for them to meet one and other, but if they do they tend to keep each other company for hundreds of years. Their isolated lives making them lonely.

They are beautiful humanoid creatures, with animal like features. The most distinguishing aspect of the Huldra would be their hallow backs, surrounded with bark that looks like an old tree. They enjoy meddling in human affairs, by blessing them with good or bad luck or even just seducing them for the fun of it.

Place of Residence:

Francis since arriving in Mythos has decided to try living in a 'apartment' he enjoys the cove and its ability to retain all these wonderful material objects but he finds himself more often than not sleeping in a fox's hole on nights in which he didn't stay at a stranger's house for the usual one night stand.

Occupation: Gathering of ingredients, he scavenge the forest for plants and things left in there. Most of the time he is asked for common ingredients such as wild flowers and or small animals. But there are rarer ingredients Francis can get his paws on, such as things belonging to mystical forest dwelling creatures. Like Unicorn hair, per example.

Stance on Humans: Loves to mess with them...But hates it when they do it to him.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: Francis is a very new resident to Mythos. But so far is enjoying his stay...



Francis is actually a very private person. No one alive knows much about his life. He has kept it to himself for all these years about once being human. In fact, this is the reason he doesn't know how many creatures come into being. He doesn't pry in case someone asks him. So its in this way that it is just to call Francis 'mysterious'.

In casual settings, Francis is very cheerful and easy to please. He tends to laugh at just about anything and thinks of his friends highly, but even more highly of himself. And once offended, it's hard to regain whatever respect the Huldra once had.

Despite how private of a person he is, and how much he hates it when people pry into his business, Francis loves meddling in other people's affair. Or simply just plain watching them. In all honesty the Huldra doesn't see anything wrong with stalking people. In fact its one of his favourite past times.


Francis Bonnefoy was once human. It’s not something he brags about, his life as a human was one that he isn’t proud of. No. His life began the day he thought he was going to die.

He stumbled into the woods, clutching the knife wound, trying in vain to stop the bleeding. His painful strides led him deep into the woods. Eventually when his face was as pale as the first snow that decorated the ground, he fell against a tree and sat down. His back to the bark and his eyes to the sky.

Wishing he could live to see his life actually mean something.

He could feel his blood, dripping down his arm, he could hear the forest breathe louder then himself. It was surreal. Almost as surreal as the fox walking towards him, and speaking to him.

Do you want to live?

Francis could hear the voice within his own head. It was beautiful, womanly and serene. But, there was something else entirely, something darker about the voice, almost sensually so…


The fox suddenly transformed into a woman, unlike any he had ever seen before. A word appeared in his mind, a rumour a story to keep travelers on the right path. A huldra…A seductress of the Forest.

We shall make a trade. Your humanity for eternal life.

Francis smiled, blood glistened on his teeth from his earlier coughing fit. He spoke out loud, knowing that this was the deal of his life time.

“Yes. Yes.”

Francis felt the air of the forest fill him up. Down to his toes, under his nails, to the tip of his hair, he couldn’t feel his blood anymore there was nothing but air and the Huldra. It was the breathe of immortality filling him up. When suddenly a pain unlike any he had ever felt before scratched at him, from behind. His back was being ripped out- along with everything in it. The blood splattered to the ground and he could feel his bones change, recoil, and more. It wasn’t until Francis was absolutely certain he felt his heart ripped out of its cage that the pain suddenly stopped.

He wondered if he had died, or maybe he was already long dead and this was hell, in disguise of a woman.

He hear a soft sobbing, crying and sniffling of a woman, he looked up and saw that the vixen was gone. He wondered if he could still hear her in his mind when he realised something strange. That sound – was coming from himself.

No, herself.

Francis looked down to his bare chest, and realised there was two perky and rather attractive breasts there instead. Grabbing them he felt something swoosh at his leg, looking even further down he saw a tail.

A fox tail.

Suddenly she swallowed. Bringing her hand to her back, she felt something familiar but didn't belong...

Wood - bark like a tree...

Her back was hallow like that of an old tree. Francis had turned into a Huldra.

After a couple hundred years Francis was able to master her powers, first able to transform himself into a fox and then eventually into a tree. After this she tried her best to transform herself into a male, and once successful he had a full grasp on his shape shifting abilities. The only problem is that the Huldra is a secretive spirit of seduction. And more often than not, Francis finds -him or her- self in a time of heat. Normally when Francis feels the ‘need’ coming on, he reverts into his true form – the Huldra- so when he lived among humans he tried his best to be careful.

Now that he is in Mythos, (how he found his way here - he can’t be sure) he doesn’t need to be as careful, but the Huldra is still mindful of his actions preferring not to expose his abilities to all. Perhaps it’s just his immortal nature that makes him so.

RP Sample: (At least two paragraphs)

Francis' tail flickered at the sound of a chickadee calling out. The Huldra's eyes were close as she sat by the water bank. Her delicate ears moving and taking in all of the sounds of the forest.

She was one with the forest, she could see, hear, and feel everything. The trees, the animals, the water running below her feet. It was fulfilling unlike any of her other usual activities.

The Huldra's attention was caught onto the sound of hooves, she could smell the magical scent in the air. It was here...She focused all the knowing of the forest on the Unicorn strolling along calmly. For a moment she was the unicorn- but the unicorn wouldn't be one with her. No matter how much she protected a forest and its inhabitants, something as pure as a Unicorn couldn't overlook the darkness within her heart.

But what's done is done, Francis saw the one strand of hair fall from the fair mane. The creature stood from her spot, and went to collect her day's pay.


Name/Nickname: Julia
Age: 19
Timezone: . . .Ottawa?
RP Experience: Frenchmen, Frenchmen everywhere.
Contact Info: upon request~ <3

this....was so hard to write. It was ridiculous, I would have done anything, ANYTHING like do a little boogie or something weird if it would have just magically finished itself. *shakes fist at app*
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