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: Gilbert Beilschmidt :

Gilbert Beilschmidt -- Prussia 18469067_p2


Age (Physical): 25 years old

Age (Actual): Somewhere around 943-804 years old

Country of Origin: What is now modern Germany, Prussia, what have you


[+] Pride -- Well with hubris that bad at least it's hard to deflate him with verbal spikes?
[+] Agility -- Gilbert isn't the strongest guy around, but he can /move/ there's no doubt about that.
[+] Looks -- ... Well, despite the red eyes being a bit uncomfortable at first, there's no doubt that Gilbert's a lady killer. Sometimes literally.
[+] Musical talent -- he can sing worth a darn but he can play the violin and trumpet competently.
[+] Loyalty -- You scratch my back, i scratch your's?


[-] Being in his human form -- one of the main dangers when in the human world for Gilbert is being in his human form. It not only makes him feel naked, but it also exposes him to dangers due to his size and mouth.
[-] Hubris -- Well a little too much pride CAN hurt, eh?
[-] Singing -- it... well it sounds like a cat just died when he tries to sing.
[-] Crosses/iron/silver -- they just... drive him away, and they BURN. He also can't read (or hear, unless you WANT him to break into hives or worse) Christian bibles, especially if they're said in Latin or Italian.
[-] Little Girls in Red Hoods --..... he isn't proud of it, okay?!


[x] Silver -- that shit BURNS and itches and oh it turns his skin green.
[x] Iron -- See above.
[x] Dying -- well, it's a /human/ fear, to be sure, but Gilbert ... does not, i repeat, does not want to knock of death's door anytime soon.


[?] Surprisingly, is very fond of cats, and dislikes dogs.
[?] Has a tendency to pick open other's diaries or journals and read them, front to back.
[?] Plays the trumpet very, very late at night, or in the early morning.


Gilbert is a thin man, with an angular, handsome, but cruel face with a good amount of muscle to back up any point he's trying to make. His eyes are the most attractive feature about him, fallowing up with his smile, which, although can be friend, can also be mocking, with blink-and-you-miss it sharp canines. Or just sharp teeth in general, and the deathly pale skin (with short white hair to match, of course) of his... does nothing to dissuade people from crossing the street when walking toward him.

In his wolf form, he's all fur and even MORE teeth -- Gilbert is about the size of a small car in this form, with bristled white and gray fur and beady red eyes. Yes, he's the epitome of a nightmare, and much much more should he choose you for a mid-night snack -- he likes to play with his food.




Gilbert is a species spawned from a single curse -- and infact, with the bite (or something much darker, like signing a certain book), it can spread easily. One untreated bite, and you're a child of the moon. Bound to her sway, and each, month, when the moon turns full, one becomes a howling, snarling wolf. Only silver and several other obscure remedies can kill a werewolf, and they're known for their speed, strength, and accurate hearing and smell.

Place of Residence:

Gilbert lives in a small, homey little ... well castle, just on the edge of town. It's a bit dank in some areas, but it's still got a flare of old grandeur about it! And don't doubt that it's furnished with nothing but the best, and it's ... Surprisingly tasteful, though there is alot of old Germanic shields and wall tapestries, along with stupidly huge stuffed games of all sizes and shapes. He also uses it as an Inn, but thankfully he keeps the ground floor to himself for the most part, and has a handful of staff that runs it, with little need for himself.


Owns a hair salon, and separately, a small Inn.

Stance on Humans:

Absolutely hates and despises humans . . .though will tolerate them. If he were to actually give them a chance, he'd maybe find to like them, but don't count on that happening /any/ time soon.

How long have they been a resident of Mythos?:

About three to two hundred years.



Gilbert is a man of pride, action, and of complete loyalty. Dispite his repugnant arrogance, he is very much willing to stick his neck out for friends and family. He cares deeply for those he deems his friends, and has a strong sense of duty to bonds of any sort. Yet it is with this polarizing loyalty that you see his arrogance -- or his attempted arrogance. he puts on airs, sure, but underneath he is quite humble, and takes every compliment and praise with a grain of salt (and, you know, maybe letting it stroke his ego a little).

However, there is this.... rage in him. Despite himself, Gilbert is very much driven by blood -- weather verbal or not, he loves to rile people up. He loves a good fight, and it's driven him for so long it's hard to drop that mentality. However, there is also the strategical part of it as well -- it's like a good game of chess. Thousands of moves, possibilities, but only three outcomes -- loose, victory, or ties. And over all there is only one that is acceptable to Gilbert: Victory.


When Gilbert was born, and if he was ever human, is unknown -- one day it's 55 B.C. the next, it was 1532. No one has ever gotten a good answer out of him, and no one ever will. Or, atleast, that's what they think. In truth, if they had just took a peek in his diaries and journals, they'd know full well his story. Though it should be known, that it is a /long/ story.

Gilbert was indeed born in the late days of the Roman's fall, to a small tribe deep in the heart of Germania --a tribe known for their feral, savage, but effective warfare and fiercely independent. Infact, it was just this behavior that proved to be their downfall -- during a raid of a Roman temple around the boarders, they were cursed by a priestess. And that curse, was to turn into the beasts they were every full moon, and that their children -- and those they bit -- would carry on that curse. They all thought the woman bluffed, but the next full moon, sure enough, they all turned to wolves.

Although terrified at first, the tribe grew to like this new found power, and harnessed it. They eventually went back to raiding to survive, but this time covering a greater amount of land then ever before, with Gilbert, the oldest of the boys, being the 'star' amongst them. However, this wouldn't last -- eventually the tribe was found out about their curse, and attacked constantly in order to snuff them out. It was then that they all disbanded into smaller groups, some dying, some surviving -- it was Gilbert who was one of the lucky ones. he lived.

But he also became bitter, as he saw his tribe members less and less. Throughout the centuries, he often terrorized the villages, and eventually cities of humans that now occupied his family's grounds. He was a creature of solitude and violence, and slowly, but ever surely, he spread his tribe's 'gift'. It was only when the new portal to a world free of humans, and of vices, and of all that he loathed was granted to him, that he gave up the hateful life he knew, and moved on to greener pasture, as it were. He still prefers playing the big bad wolf though.

RP Sample:

To Gilbert, life was never.... normal. Or settled. It was constant travel -- from place to place, haunt to haunt. And in a way, i enjoy the thrill, the rush, the glory the chase -- even if he was the hunted -- it gave him. It was like a small medal that he received every time he outsmarted those hunters, those /men/ whose very job it was to destroy him. And oh, it was delicious, such DELICIOUS irony to see them stomp and roar in rage when they found nothing, figured out that their spells and chants meant nothing to him. They were a tickle.

Maybe a pinch.

But they never burned and ripped at him and sent him back to the bottom of hell, like they were prescribed to. Neither did their metals, their strange, strange metals effect him. Oh yes, he knew what they all were, every piece of copper or bronze, but in his youth, during the dawn of his people where no one knew their true weakness, nothing seemed to stop Gilbert. He wondered, and he warred with the humans -- and he loved the chaos. Loved the blood, and all of it suited him just fine. He sometimes longs for those days as well -- but he does not mind the peace, especially when nowadays, he could simply slip away, back into the world of man, and paint the wonderfully round moon red.


Name/Nickname: Nicole
Age: 16
Timezone: EST
RP Experience: I've RP'd for almost a year.
Contact Info: Skype: SchnitzelBear -- also, Boogie.
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