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:Aleta Carriedo:

Aleta Carriedo // Ancient Iberia Application Mamaiberia2-1


Age (Physical): 45
Age (Actual): 1293
Country of Origin: Iberia (she was around before it became Spain and Portugal)


[+] Swimming; she’s naturally a very strong swimmer and has no trouble swimming for long periods of time.
[+] Hunting; she’s never had a problem finding food for herself.
[+] Interacting with humans; she used to live among them for the first 1000 years of her life, making it easier for her to understand humans even if she is 1293 years behind.
[+] Breathing underwater; she used to live in water, and thus so long as it’s clean water she can breath in it.
[+] Intelligence; she’s not the smartest person in Mythos, but she’s certainly above average with most things.


[-] Blood; it might seem a bit odd for someone like her, but she just cannot stand the substance.
[-] Heights; she used to be comfortable with them until an accident with a plane left her without her – admittedly limited – ability to fly.
[-] Small Children; she loves them, and thus if they ask her do to something she will generally do whatever they want.
[-] Shiny things; if someone has something shiny, she will do her best to get her hands on it.
[-] Dead people; she just can’t stand the sight of decomposition, and of death in general, so she does her best to make sure no one drowns in the lake.


[x] Blood.
[x] Heights.
[x] Falling; she hates the feeling that it makes in her.


[?] Her love of small children and shiny things.
[?] She has trouble walking on dry land; she often looks like she’s drunk.
[?] She’s a very giggly person, once she trusts someone.

Appearance: She has dark brown and grey fleckled feathers trailing over her arms, back, and neck, as well as some webbing between her fingers and toes. In her right eye there is a bright blue streak going from the pupil across her eye towards the outer corner of it.


Species: Dones d'aigua (Maids of the Water).They live in any place where they can find clean water (wells, springs, fountains, lakes), but they can also be found in woods and caves. They appear as women of incredible beauty, although half of their body can be fish- or bird-like. Dones d'aigua often guards wonderful treasures. They are always good and kind to humans.
Place of Residence: She lives on a boat in the middle of Lake Eerie, often swimming to and from the boat when she needs to be in town.
Occupation: A swimming instructor at Nosforatu Academy
Stance on Humans: She likes them. She would rather not live with them, since there isn’t a lot of space left in the human world for her kind, but she likes them well enough.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: 293 years


Aleta is a fierce woman, protective of the people she cares about and only vaguely nice to everyone else. She loves adventures and going on journeys, and she only took on teaching because her fiancé at the time asked her to stop putting herself in dangerous positions. She kept on with teaching because she found that she loved it just as much as adventuring. She does still go adventuring over summer break though, since she couldn’t abandon it forever.

She absolutely adores children and small animals and fluffy things - like the typical girl - but she also loves getting dirty and messy. She’s a motherly sort of person and is somewhat over bearing to her own son at times, since she's seen the kind of destruction that has befallen the world before; she worries he'll get hurt by it. She tends to go a little overboard in her affection towards him, though Antonio has never mentioned any kind of opposition to this.

She hates blood and generally goes pale at the sight of it, though she’s never passed out from seeing it yet. The idea of anyone bleeding when she had the opportunity to help them makes her freak out internally, though she tries not to let that get in the way of helping them after whatever made them bleed instead of stopping it before it could get to the point of blood. Plus, seeing a person's blood spilling out of them just makes her feel weak at the knees.

Aleta was born in 793, on the most southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. She lived there, on the edge of the nearest lake, well through her first 700 years of life before moving up further to avoid the sudden influx of humans. Not that she hated humans, but they would toss dead things in to her lake and it made her feel sick to see it.

At one point, she came across a young lad - who, while really only a few hundred years younger, was still a child compared to herself - and they immediately bonded. So much so that she eventually ended up adopting the boy as her own son, even though he really didn't need her protection in that manner. It was with a heavy heart that they parted ways eventually, though moving apart kept both of them safer from the humans.

Ever since she's been constantly moving, trying to find a place where humans weren't ruining the clean water. Finally faced with the option of just leaving her home country (of sorts), Aleta finally gave in to the suggestion a friend had offered up a century before; she moved to Mythos.

She kept to herself for a very long time once she got there, used to it from spending time with the humans who weren't exactly kind to those different looking. Eventually she ventured out of her lake and started meeting other people in the town, though she's still not very happy about having to leave the human world. She's getting used to it though.

RP Sample: ((It's not for this forum, but it's still this character.))

Sighing and shaking her head as one of the plants curled away from her in hopes of protecting its leaves, Aleta glared at the list the new potions professor had given her. She knew that was logical for the person to want to refill his stocks, but most of the things he wanted were from plants that had no plans to give them up. At least, she assumed it was a man; there hadn't been a female Potions Professor in the history of Hogwarts, if she remembered her studies correctly.

Aleta paused and snorted, rolling her eyes. This was no time to be getting off topic. She was already late in dropping off the ingredients, it wouldn't do to make herself more than she already was. Especially since she still had to get through the rest of the list. Trying once more to get this particular plant to give her at least one leaf and failing, she scowled at the plant. "Fine then, have it your way." She marked the thing off on her list and moved to the next plant.

She did wish that the new professor had at least introduced himself before making demands of her, though she knew it was useless to think about it. Why should she expect anyone to come and see the batty old Herbology professors when house elves and students made the perfect messengers. It was enough to make her sick to her stomach really.

And that didn't even include the fact that they had requested parts from the poor unfortunate plants that had died on her. Sending a brief mourning look at the places where those plants used to be before dying, she went back to her work. Thankfully, the next few plants had no problem giving up the parts, though it made her upset killing one of the poor things to collect its roots. Thankfully the plant could regrow if the stem was planted into magic infused soil. Which is where its roots used to live so it made the perfect spot to replant.

It still upset her though, and the woman was working herself up into rage thinking of ways to berate this idiotic professor for making her kill her poor little plants. The dears had never done anything wrong, and still this man wanted the dead. And he wasn't even using all of the plants when he killed them, only bits and pieces. Aleta scowled and grumbled darkly at the thought, looking over the list and crossing out what she had already gotten or couldn't get.


Name/Nickname: Abby
Age: 17
Timezone: GMT -5
RP Experience: 1 year total, almost exclusively for Hetalia. -boogies across the room-

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Make sure to talk your history over with a Spain once we get one ^.^~
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