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:Alfred F. Jones:

Alfred F. Jones // America Pbucket


Age (Physical) -
Age (Actual) -
Country of Origin -
United States of America


[+] He's very strong, almost ridiculously so.
[+] Handy; he's quick to learn when it comes to fixing things.
[+] Loves to help people, and will never hesitate to do so.
[+] It takes a lot to make him dislike a person.
[+] Well practiced at flying. It is his preferred method of travelling.


[-] Doesn't know his own strength, and often breaks things.
[-] He is easily used, simply because he is unaware of it when he is being used.
[-] He could potentially scare people off with just his looks, even though he is mostly harmless.
[-] He hates his claws. They are sharp and painful, often getting in the way of his work. That, and he accidentally scratches himself all the time.
[-] Absolutely cannot read the atmosphere. He doesn't even try most of the time.
[-] He's very loud and obnoxious. It can be annoying.


[x] He is mostly afraid that he is going to accidentally hurt others.
[x] Afraid of being shot... again.
[x] Really dislikes ghosts because they bullied him as a child.


[?] His tail wags when he is excited.
[?] Despite being a self-proclaimed hero, Alfred loves to pull pranks.
[?] Eating is one of his favorite things to do. Al will never turn down food that is offered to him.
[?] He likes to sing when he's really happy. Unfortunately for others, he's tone deaf.

Appearance -
( Extra descriptions of certain features on him. They are slightly different than what is shown in the photo. )

Oddly, Alfred has a very human-like appearance. Of the few other devils he has met, he noticed that none of them look the way he does. Sometimes he jokingly tells people that his mother had an affair with a human. For all he knows, though, that could be true.

A pair of horns sprout from underneath his hair, on the sides of his head. They curve downward, and would normally curve back up, but he makes sure that he files them down before they can grow too long.

Alfred's wings are just large enough to use for flying. He has mastered keeping them out of the way when he is walking to avoid knocking objects over all of the time. They are black, bat-like, and leathery to the touch. His right wing has an obvious discoloration where it healed from the gunshot wound he received.

His tail is long and thin, forked at the end. It is also black and leathery, like his wings. The forked points on the end of his tail are not as sharp as they look. Alfred tends to get over excited, and will sometimes wag his tail much like a dog would. His tail is strong, and can break some objects if they are hit with it. If a person was hit, it would sting, however they would not be badly injured.

One of the things Alfred hates most about himself are his claws. They are long, sharp, and non-retractable. He often scratches himself on accident, resulting in various scars along his body. They are meant to be used to tear apart prey- at least, that is what he used them for. Much to his disappointment, Alfred discovered that his claws cannot be filed down the way his horns are. Because he is afraid of hurting others accidentally, he tries to avoid touching anyone.

Alfred often wonders why his teeth are not all sharp like his claws. His canine teeth are the only very sharp teeth that he has. He is glad for this, actually, because otherwise he would probably tear up his mouth.

His ears could be compared to a horse's, long, pointed, and furry. They are on the sides of his head, like a human's ears. They don't move as well as an actual horse's ears, but he can point them forward or backward to hear what is going on around him.


Species -
A devil of sorts, they are often thought as evil and dangerous creatures. That, however, is only true for some devils. They have a scary appearance, so many assume they are all dangerous. The ones most often seen are those who come out with an intention to hurt others.

Devils live in various places all over the world, their appearance based on the area in which they live. In southern New Jersey, a line of devils inhabit the Pine Barrens. Mothers don't care for their young, leaving them to fend for themselves very soon after they are born. For this reason, not many survive, resulting in very few devils actually living in the area.

Place of Residence -
Alfred lives in a small house in the forest, a place that he built himself. The interior really isn't any special. He only has things he's deemed necessary to have. It's too much work carrying furniture in by himself, as he doesn't have a set path to his home. Everything is simple, it's hardly decorated, and there isn't much to do in the way of entertainment. Perhaps that is the reason that he only goes home to sleep or eat.

Occupation -
He is a handyman. He can work on various things in a person's home or place of business, such as repairs, installing appliances, remodeling, etc.... However, his claws tend to leave scratch marks on whatever it is he's working on.

Stance on Humans -
He is afraid of humans because they have tried, and once succeeded, to hurt him. He wouldn't say he hates them, though.

How long have they been a resident of Mythos? -
For about 50 years.


Personality -
Alfred is a very cheerful devil. It is not very often that he'll be seen looking unhappy. Even if he really is unhappy, he'll hide behind a smile to keep others from worrying about him. If he is feeling down, it doesn't take much to cheer him up again. He's very easily excited. Whenever he is feeling really happy, he'll start to sing. Don't ever tell him how bad he is at singing, or else he really will be sad.

Despite seeming a little shy at first, Alfred likes making new friends. Due to living for over two hundred years without friendly interaction with others, he isn't completely sure how to go about making friends. He's rather awkward and somewhat clingy ( without the actual clinging ) which could potentially be annoying. He'll try his best to avoid anyone who doesn't like him. He doesn't want to have any enemies.

He is a little clueless. It isn't rare for him to forget to charge people for the work he does. In fact, it isn't until much later that he remembers, but by then he feels that he can't go back and demand the money. Also, if he is being used, he never realises it. He doesn't question other's intentions, especially if they seem nice. He is bad at judging who is and isn't nice, though. He's oblivious when it comes to changes in tone or sarcasm.

Recently, Alfred has become obsessed with being a 'hero'. Now that he has started to trust others and make friends, he wants nothing more than to protect them. Or simply to help them out in whatever way he can. No matter what it is, he will go out of his way to do it. Nothing makes him happier than knowing that he has helped someone in need.

Alfred seems shy at first, but that isn't exactly the case. He is wary when he first meets someone, because he doesn't know if he can trust them. It doesn't take long for him to deem someone trustworthy, though. He's also a bit wary because he thinks others will be afraid of him due to his scary looks. He knows that humans were always afraid of him, so he assumes the residents of Mythos will feel the same. When he finally makes a friend of someone, he may still seem a little awkward. He doesn't like to be physically too close to others because he is afraid of accidentally hurting them.

History -
Like all of the children born to devils, he was abandoned and left to fend for himself at a young age. He was quick to learn, though, that the way to survive was to feed off of the small animals he could catch and to avoid any creatures bigger than himself. At the time, he only cared for himself, never having a second thought about the animals he killed. It wasn't until he grew a little older that he began to develop emotionally. Even then, he knew he couldn't feel sorry for hurting animals, or else he would end up starving to death.

He discovered humans very early. At first, he would only catch glimpses of the tall beings. They weren't the sort of creatures he normally saw, and so he wondered what they were and where they came from. In the back of his mind, he told himself to avoid them because they would try to hurt him. Rather than listening to his own instincts, he spent time around them, though hidden, simply listening to their conversations and stories. It was this way that he learned English. He would talk to himself, trying to pronounce the new words his discovered everyday. When he was really able to understand what the humans were saying, he learned more about them and was fascinated by the smallest things. Names were one of the things that interested him the most. He didn't have a name himself, but he thought it would be nice to have one. And so, he gave himself one. Alfred Franklin Jones.

When he wasn't spending time around humans or hunting for his next meal, Alfred spent a lot of time just wandering the Pine Barrens. One day, he discovered a creature unlike anything he had ever seen before. The creature was transparent, which baffled him immediately, but he found that he could touch it. As soon as he discovered that, it seemed to be incredibly pleased. It told him that most creatures could not touch it, and would simply pass through. Alfred didn't know why he was different, but it wasn't long before he decided that he hated being different. After he met the first ghost, so it had called itself, others started to appear quite often. They harassed him, knowing that they could hurt him, but nothing he could do to them would have any affect. It came to the point where he would run away from any ghosts that he saw.

Once he was older, he found that eating small animals just wasn't enough anymore. He needed something bigger, or something that was easier to catch. He happened upon a local farm one day, spotting an abundance of fat animals living there. Unable to help himself, he fed off of multiple chickens, even stealing one to eat later. The next time he tried to steal from a farmer, he was shot at. He was wary after that, afraid that the same thing would happen if he attempted stealing yet again. Eventually his hunger got the better of him, and he risked it. This became a regular occurrence after that. Only sometimes could he get away with feeding without being caught.

There was only one time that Alfred was actually hit with a bullet. It pierced his wing as he was flying off, tearing a large hole in it. He couldn't fly very far, but it was enough for him to get away from the angry farmer. That was the last time that he ever stole from a farmer. He would be unable to fly until his wing healed, but he had no idea how long it would take.

During the time that he was disabled, he met another devil. It wasn't the first of his kind that he had met, but it always surprised him to see others. The devil didn't stay longer than a few days, but in the time that Alfred spent with it, he heard stories of a place called Mythos. He wasn't sure what to think of the town from what he heard. It sounded interesting, but he had lived on his own for so long that the prospect of living around other creatures in a civil manner seemed wrong. Yet, his curiosity got the better of him again and he eventually traveled to Mythos.

In Mythos, Alfred discovered many things that were completely foreign to him. He had never worn clothing before, but it seemed socially unacceptable to go around naked. He was very wary when he first came to the town, and ended up living in the forest in the outskirts. It took years for him to really get used to the idea of meeting people and making friends. Food was much easier to obtain there, he found, but there was a problem of having money to pay for said food. He started to ask people if he could help them in hopes that he would be paid for helping. He was quick to learn how to do various tasks. Fixing and building things were easy for him to do. He even managed to build his own house, although now he isn't that happy with it. It's been fifty years since he came to Mythos, but there are still many things that he finds odd.

RP Sample -
It was a quiet night in the Pine Barrens. Alfred leaned back against a tree, pulling at his wing to get a better look at the bullet wound left there. He winced as he accidentally tore it even more before letting go of his wing. It was best to let it be until it healed. If it ever healed, that is. He had never hurt his wing before, so he had no idea how this would play out. He did know that he would be very unhappy if he couldn't fly anymore. That was his main way of traveling! Not that he really minded walking, but it was a lot slower and he wouldn't be able to travel quickly.

He sighed, closing his eyes as he tried to relax. Recently he had become very aware that humans were afraid of him. With all of the sightings of him lately, the people began to talk. He heard them compare him to some 'Sasquatch' and a 'Boogie Man'. He had no idea what either of those things were, but they didn't exactly sound pleasant. Did people really think of him as a monster? A thief, he could understand, but a monster? He had even heard ridiculous claims of him harming humans. That was definitely not true. Oddly enough, the name they had given him was pretty accurate. A 'Jersey Devil', huh?

Perhaps it was better to stop thinking about it. He was hurt and slowly depressing himself. Sleep sounded nice right now. "Tomorrow will be better." he assured himself, half wondering if it was wrong for him to be speaking the language of the creatures who so hated him. He didn't dwell on the thought, letting himself slowly drift off instead. Confident that his own words were true, he fell asleep with a smile on his face.


Name/Nickname -
Elise, but you may call me... Awesome Alfred. ouo
Age -
Timezone -
GMT -6
RP Experience -
I have been roleplaying for years! I have roleplayed Hetalia for over a year now, as various characters. Alfred is one of those characters I only play occasionally.
Contact Info -
Ask me if you want it.

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