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Matthew Williams {Canada} [Finished] 2hn19uq


Age (Physical):


Age (Actual):

Unknown, most likely over 2,000 years.

Country of Origin:



[+] He's extremely environmentally friendly.

[+] He's extremely pacifistic, often acting as peace-keeper

[+] He's observant, often seeing what others don't.

[+] He's friendly, even if he dislikes whom he's talking to or doesn't know the person.

[+] He's great with animals, specifically polar bears.


[-] He's slightly self-conscious.

[-] He keeps his emotions pent up, often leading to one big emotional breakdown.

[-] He hates the heat.

[-] He can be very judgmental.

[-] Once in a rage, it's hard to distract him.


[x] While many don't notice Matthew or sometimes jokingly forget him, he has actually developed a very real fear of actually being truly forgotten, of showing up somewhere and having his friends have no idea who he is. Often he'll send family and friends a quick text just to make sure they still know he exists.

[x] Matthew has a slight fear of being alone, often causing anxiety or panic attacks. Thus he always takes Kumajiro with him everywhere, claiming the bear cub is merely a large dog.

[x] In recent years, Matthew has developed a fear of night, staying up until dawn to fall asleep. The darkness in his apartment seems to press in and swallow him whole. Instead of sleeping, he'll stay up playing MMORPGs, writing, reading, or watching Degrassi re-runs.


[?] Matthew has an addiction to coffee, needing about three cups just to wake up in the morning, especially after the minuscule amounts of sleep he gets.

[?] Matthew tends to curse in French when angry, upset, or in pain.

[?] He'll take his anger out passive aggressively through ironic Facebook posts.


At first, Matthew almost looks malnourished. His shoulders are too broad and his body is too thin. It turns out he's just lean by default, his constant playing of Hockey helping that along. His height is average, at around 5 feet, 11 inches and he weighs about 160 pounds. However, he's fairly strong and agile, able to move quickly on his feet.

It seems like Matthew's almost part albino. His skin is susceptible to sunburn and extremely pale, never tanning. His eyes have a violet hue to them, quite a rare color, especially one someone who's supposedly human. His hair is more blond than white, though, with darker low-lights. It's about chin length, wavy and silky. He takes special care of it with eco-friendly hair products. He does have one curl that doesn't like to stay put, no matter what he does and he's given up hope on ever taming the damned thing.



A long, long time ago, there lived a spirit in an igloo, in the wintry tundra of the Unknown World, later known as the New World, then Nouvelle France, and finally - Canada. The spirit was only known by the men who had long ago crossed the Land Bridge from Russia to Canada and even then he was still an enigma. He was referred to as Nanook. The master of bears. It was told that one day, a fur trapper was hunting polar bear cubs. There were many, many fur trappers, but not many ventured as far north as Nanook lived. Now, most fur trappers hunted for survival - because they needed the meat to live or the fur to shield them from the cold. But not this trapper. Oh, no, this man hunted for pleasure.

It just so happened that one day, the trapper was caught in a fearsome blizzard. Half frozen to death he happened upon an old wooden hut. No light came from within the hut, but a chimney stood tall, tendrils of smoke wafting through the air. To the trapper's luck, a pack of polar bear cubs were huddled outside, fighting for warmth. The fur trapper hoisted his ax over his shoulder, intent on swinging it down upon the smallest bear cub.

A terrible cry erupted from the doorway of the hut and the fur trapper found a spirit with bright, violet-blue eyes pinning him to the ground, ax hovering high above him. The rest of the cries that filled the forest were just as horrible and resonating as the first.

Seeing that his cubs were save, Nanook, only but a child at the time, returned to his hut, picking up the littlest cub, the one the trapper had nearly brutally murdered. Nanook took this cub inside and raised him as his own, surrendering only the bear's ability to age.

Place of Residence:

Nowadays, Matthew and his pet polar bear cub reside in a small, one bed one bath apartment. The bear's name is Kumajiro, though he often forgets and simply calls him Kuma.


Matthew works in a coffee shop to pay rent.

Stance on Humans:

As technology continues to progress, Matthew's views on humans continues to decline. As Nanook, Matthew is Protector of the Polar Bears, a particularly hard man to be if the warming of the earth is killing off those whom you're suppose to protect. He's extremely active in Social Action projects involving protecting the environment and has a low tolerance for anyone who brushes off such pressing issues.

How long have they been a resident of Mythos?:

Roughly six months.


Personality: (At least one paragraph)

Matthew is the typical struggling-to-get-by kid. He's often over looked in favor of others and has come to accept it with a bit more passive-aggression than the average human being. If he dislikes someone, he'll insult them sarcastically in his mind. He runs a blog with a typical ironic name and theme, criticizing pop stars, posting memes, and bitching about his life. Surprisingly, he has many followers.

The amount of recycling the Canadian does is overwhelming. He has six bins in his kitchen/living room/apartment devoted entirely to plastic, plastic with food, paper, paper with food, cardboard and aluminum. All the rest of his trash goes into a compost box. If he had a car it would be covered in "Save the Environment" and "Going Green" bumper stickers; it would also be a Prius. However, he doesn't have the money for that and thus owns a bike. For a time he aspired to work with Green Peace, though that dream eventually fell through.

However, despite Matthew's quirkiness, he's generally a Nice Guy. He's friendly and amiable to those who notice him, willing to chat about anything. When speaking with someone, he focuses all his attention on them, not one to glance off or get distracted. He's extremely loyal and willing to keep an open mind.

But on the ice his demeanor changed completely. He becomes a fierce fighter and will stop at nothing to win. He's been known to start many fights in hockey games and was once banned from the Air Canada Center in Toronto. The same applies when he's watching the games on TV. He'll cheer or yell at the television, sometimes even throwing chips or an empty beer bottle at it.


Matthew can't remember how long he's lived. His earliest memory is of untouched snowy forests and a wandering Inuit tribe. He's known he's different from the moment he could properly think, settling by himself with the Polar Bears. And yet, though he was raised by bears, he never developed the attributes of a Feral Child. He was well known among the Inuit tribes as Nanook, protector of the Polar Bears.

Eventually the Europeans came. Many French fur traders thought of him as demonic, some kind of possessed creature. They avoided him at all costs. By the time Canada was under British possession, he was out of his isolated hut and into foster care.

Being that he aged slowly, he'd have to run away every few years and settle in a new place. He grew used to being homeless, or even spending a few decades with the Polar Bears. By the time he reached the physical age of sixteen, he took it upon himself to finish with secondary school. His foster care homes had taught him reading, writing, and arithmetic, but the more advanced had never been touched. He served in the Canadian Army during both World Wars and took to hiding in the woods with his Bears during the Cold War.

However, as the world seemed to expand and warm, he felt colder and colder. The number of Polar Bears declined and Matthew could feel the effects. He grew slightly paranoid and anxious, never staying in one place for too long. He bought multiple IDs online, as well as college degrees, birth certificates, and social security cards, all with different names. And eventually, his nomadic lifestyle brought him to Mythos.

RP Sample:

It was the kind of cold that chilled to the bone. It bit at your nose and twisted your fingers. It tightened your chest to the point where it was difficult to breathe. It numbed your cheeks and even froze your eyelashes. Matthew loved it. It made him feel alive.

He traipsed through the woods, ice skates slung over his shoulder. He could feel the snow soaking through his worn winter boots. In the back of his mind he wondered if he could even afford new ones. Probably not. E-bay was always worth a shot, though. His toes and faces were already numb and it was only a matter of time before his hands followed suit. One a few more yards.

The lake was beautiful, serene, untouched. Glass-like ice covered it, the sunlight glinting off to create a sparkling bed. It almost looked soft, not like the harsh, rock substance it truly was. One fall on your bum could leave you sore for weeks.

In child-like excitement, Matthew paused only to shuck off his boots and tie on his skates, grinning slightly. He had waited almost six months for this - far too long. The ice was calling his name.







GMT -6 (I think. Whatever USA Central time is)

RP Experience:

I've been RPing since I was 11 or 12. I'm part of 3 Hetalia RP sites at the moment. I've dabbling in RPing on Tumblr before, as well. I used to be involved in Harry Potter RPs as well. For Hetalia, I've RPed as England, Spain, Ukraine, Mankraine, South Italy, Fem!England, Canada, and America.

Contact Info:

PM me if you need anything. Gotta Boogie~

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Is it odd that your descriptions of Mattie's phobias amused me more than his quirks? Ah well xD

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