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Post  Arthur Kirkland on Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:00 pm

:Arthur Kirkland:

Arthur Kirkland - England Auw16v


Age (Physical): 23
Age (Actual): 23
Country of Origin: United Kingdom


[+] Intelligent; he’s been reading since he was nine months old, and devours every book he sees.
[+] Fast; running from anything and everything when you’re young helps to speed you up.
[+] Intuitive; generally, he can guess at what’s going to happen in the future and how someone is feeling.
[+] Kind; especially to children, he loves to be around them.
[+] Long memory; his memory is clear as a bell, and he will never forget a kindness done to him.


[-] Quick to anger; and he wields a mighty temper, as well as a long grudge.
[-] Suspicious; especially of the Sidhe, and it’s nearly impossible to get him to move past that.
[-] Dwells on the past; Arthur will become lost in thought most times, and feel immense guilt for his past actions.
[-] Stubborn; he is impossible to move on certain feelings, and will snap at people for attempting it.
[-] Heavy drinker; while to most this wouldn’t be a weakness, Arthur drinks to excess most times.


[x] Being alone; even though Arthur is often on his own, it terrifies him to think that he will always be alone. He hates the feeling of living in an empty residence and is often in the basement more than anywhere else.
[x] Unseelie Fae; they have kidnapped and possibly killed all three of his brothers. He is afraid that he is next.
[x] Spiders; he just can’t stand the stupid things. Arthur often pays children in the village to fetch him the spiders he needs for his potions and balms.


[?] Though he can brew potions and make balms, he is an awful chef and will burn anything but tea.
[?] Arthur drinks six cups of tea a day, sometimes more, and he always takes it with milk, no sugar.
[?] He is in possession of a large book called the Grimoire, but dismisses it often since it only provides information on spells and creatures, not potions and the Sidhe.
[?] Has a white rabbit familiar named Theban that never seems to grow any older or get hurt.

Appearance: Whenever Arthur is walking about the city, he carries a blackthorn staff with a crystal on the top. It is about his height, if a few inches taller and helps to focus his power when he does cast his few spells. No, he will not slam it into the ground and tell you that you will not pass. He is not Gandalf.


Species: At his base, Arthur is a human. However, he comes from a long line of mages, stemming from a long line of Druids. He is magically blessed, and has the powers of Sight and Hearing, which permit him to see the Fae, and to hear the singing that denotes where their homes are.
Place of Residence: He lives in the room above his apothecary, which has been magicked to be bigger than it appears on the outside. On the inside, this singe room expands into a five room home, including two bedrooms, a library, a kitchen and a sitting room. Downstairs from the Apothecary is his potions room, where he creates his products and sets them up for sale.
Occupation: Resident mage; owner of the Apothecary.
Stance on Humans: Since he is a human, most would assume that he has a positive stance on them. However, he remembers always hiding his abilities from those around him, under threat of being labeled a freak at best and being killed at worst. He believes that Mythos should stay Mythos and that they shouldn’t mix with the world they left.
How long have they been a resident of Mythos?: 17 years


Personality: Arthur is quiet and studious, with a sort of sadness about the aura around him. He is a good salesman and guarantees that his product will work, but if it doesn’t he is not above granting a refund or offering another solution free of charge. He is fond of children and often winds up acting fatherly towards them, even though he doesn’t mean to. Despite his quick temper, he can be very patient, and is extremely wise for his age. He dislikes people teasing him for his eyebrows, and can be very shy around people that he finds himself attracted to.

History: Arthur was born out in the wilderness in a small cabin to two very loving parents and three older brothers. From his fifth day on, he was taught the ways of his ancestors, as the Kirklands had descended from a long line of Druids. He was blessed under the god Cordemanon, and has accredited his great talent for learning to the blessing of this god. When he was five years old, he lost his parents to their close-minded neighbors, who surrounded the poor man and woman and drowned them both in a nearby lake. He and his brothers traveled around for awhile, until his oldest brother, James, was ambushed and stolen away before their very eyes by an angry looking pixie. The next attack came on his next-eldest brother, a week later, and Sean was pulled underwater by a kelpie. Finally, Arthur and his brother William were left alone. The older brother knew what was coming and rushed Arthur to Mythos, establishing a safe home for him before, not a day after, being knocked out by a troll and dragged away. Since then, Arthur has lived alone, keeping himself safe and teaching himself the ways of his ancestors. When he was sixteen, he opened the Apothecary, ready to earn his own living instead of depending on the charity of his neighbors.

RP Sample:

Arthur cuddled the rabbit in his lap, petting the soft fur and watching his older brothers put up the tent and start a fire. His eyes landed on James, the oldest of them all, as he lugged the wood over and set it down next to Sean, before smiling over at Arthur.

“Who’s that in your lap, little brother?” He asked, coming over to pet the boy and the rabbit.

Arthur plucked the rabbit up and examined its sleepy face for a moment before giggling and holding him out to James. “Theban!” He proclaimed proudly, smiling as James pet the creature.

“What a good nam-” James was cut off by the intense presence of a being behind him. As he turned, to his youngest brother’s horror, he was seized by his chin and yanked out of the clearing violently, leaving behind the last three members of his family.


Name/Nickname: Sarah
Age: 20
Timezone: GMT-5
RP Experience:
England for CSItalia, DERP, PEC, Choices, Carnations and Butterflies, Uncontrollable and Heta:X-Reboot.
Canada for Monstalia
Monaco for Zirkustalia
Lithuania for Choices and Heta:X-Reboot
Contact Info:
Cell – ask
AIM – fitzsexbombdarcy
MSN – crazywolfchick
Skype – sarah.jean.snow

You caught me a-skippin': Boogie.

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Post  Roisin Gallagher on Thu Sep 29, 2011 5:36 pm

I love your grasp on Arthur! His past makes me want to give the poor boy a hug, and I've got to say that his stance on humans is very interesting and well thought out.

(Also I got a giggle about the Gandalf crack and that his house is bigger on the inside!)

There's just one thing missing before I can approve it. Look over the rules quickly!
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Arthur Kirkland - England Empty Re: Arthur Kirkland - England

Post  Roisin Gallagher on Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:25 pm

Welcome to Mythos as our current youngest citizen!

Arthur Kirkland - England Accepted_Mythos
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